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5 Technologies Needed by Coworking Space Bandung Nowadays

5 Technologies Needed by Coworking Space Bandung Nowadays

The increasing number of coworking space Bandung is now might make you confused about choosing the right one. The development of coworking space has been increasingly widespread and even developed very rapidly. The freelancers are already literate with the benefits offered by coworking space. 

No wonder the development of the coworking space business in various big cities in Indonesia is really fast. As a coworking space manager, the high demand can be an advantage or even a loss. You must be smart in taking advantage of this situation. 

5 Technologies Needed by Coworking Space Bandung Nowadays

The increasing needs of the workplace and the high competition makes each coworking space manager must be aware of developments. They must try to accommodate the needs of its members to win the competition. Technology is also one of the important things to consider in every coworking space.

Technologies Needed by Coworking Space Bandung

Technology will make users of coworking space get a lot of advantages. They will also feel more comfortable working in a coworking space. Then, what technologies should a coworking space have? Below is further information about those technologies.

1. Entry and Exit Access 

Accessing the room using a card has become one of the simplest security systems that every coworking space should have. This kind of technology makes it easy for members to enter and exit the room as they wish without relying on others.

The example is from the receptionist or the manager. On the other hand, access card technology is also beneficial for the provider. They are possible to find out or do a tracking system. This system is made to know the incoming and outgoing parties within a certain period.

If everything goes normal, maybe it seems like nothing. However, this step will mean in a number of conditions. An example is to help analyze when things happen that are not desirable such as theft, and others. It is a great technology to try.

5 Technologies Needed by Coworking Space Bandung Nowadays

2. Quick Internet Connection

Internet connections may be found anywhere, but rooms with fast internet connections are still rare. This technology is sometimes rather difficult to find, especially when the situation is crowded when the weather is too hot, or it is raining. The internet connection can be worse.

In this modern era, every member of the coworking space needs a room with a capable internet speed to complete their needs. It is because now the internet is not only used as a means of communicating via e-mail, but also to access content with large size. 

The examples are videos and other documents. The level of the crowd in each coworking space is usually unstable calculated by the daily members. On a busy day, the internet connection can be weakened because too many people use it. They must share the connection.

It can be worse when there are events at the venue and many internet users. Therefore, it is better to ensure that the network or internet connection in your coworking space remains strong and stable. It is not only for the permanent members but also for the daily ones.

3. Book the Space Online

Each coworking space generally has a meeting room that can be used by each of its members. It can be individual tenants or companies. As a public place, meeting rooms must be booked in advance before use. It is a normal procedure to have.

To make it easier, make sure you have made an online meeting room booking system that can be accessed, seen, and used by each member in the coworking space. Creating a system that can be accessed online by anyone is so essential.

It will facilitate the tracking of the remaining credit for the use of meeting rooms by each member. Booking a room online will also be very useful especially in the middle of a pandemic like this. Users can order directly from their homes easily. 

It will reduce the crowd that occurs in the coworking space Bandung. However, make sure all employees are ready with this technology. It will make them are able to maintain it properly. That is why; as an owner, you must train them first.

5 Technologies Needed by Coworking Space Bandung Nowadays

4. Screen or TV in a Meeting Room

The meeting room is not only a place for brainstorming, but also for the presentation of content or material. So, each meeting room should be equipped with a TV or screen to facilitate the meeting activities of the members there.

Even for TV or screen connections, it should also be connected using an internet system with a particular system. This method is important so you do not need to use cables that are less flexible and limit the user’s mobility. Besides TV, the printer is also one of the necessities in the office.

To minimize the long queues with the needs of each, make sure you have set up the printer with an online connection that can be accessed by all members of the coworking space. They can adjust the printing settings from their respective laptops or computers. 

5. Member Website

Try to create a membership website to spread various information, job vacancies, events in the coworking space, or even the latest information about the development of coworking space. It is important to facilitate the dissemination of information to various members of the coworking space.

In addition to your coworking space members, this step is also useful as a promotional tool. Many people will recognize your coworking space compared to others. The website is also the best representative for introducing what you have. It includes the advantages of choosing your business.

On a website, try to write or create useful content about your business. The examples are the latest technologies that you use. In addition, do not forget to share a variety of important information about coworking space. A website will get a lot of visitors.

It means, more and more people will open your website every day. For the first time maybe they will only want to read the article about coworking space. However, in the future, they may are interested to rent your coworking space Bandung service.

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