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Best CoWorking Space in Bali to Work While Refreshing

Best Co-Working Space in Bali to Work While Refreshing

Renting a coworking space is a perfect choice when you want to enjoy a vacation in Bali without abandoning your jobs. Known as the heaven for both freelancers and digital nomads, Bali is indeed the right place to make the most of your out-of-the-box working experience. 

Your unusual working journey in Bali would be more wonderful with a lot of coworking spaces available all around the island. Some of the best coworking spaces in Bali even deliver the sophisticated sight of the Balinese forest, beach, rice terrace, and others.

Best Co-Working Space in Bali to Work While Refreshing

Who doesn’t want to work in the middle of such a beautiful sight in Bali? By renting the right coworking venue, it is not impossible to make your dream come true in Bali. More interestingly, freelancers and digital nomads are not the only ones to enjoy such luxury.

It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, officer, or anything. Enjoying the luxury of coworking spaces is just ideal for everyone who wants to get the most of their working time. If you don’t know which coworking venue to visit in Bali, this following review will be useful.

A Quick Review of the Most Recommended Coworking Spaces in Bali

Well, none can deny that Hubud is a great coworking spot with the uniqueness of Bali. This coworking venue allows you to get your jobs done while seeing the natural beauty of the rice terrace. It is indeed refreshing for both your eyes and mind to work at Hubud. 

On another side of Hubud, you can also work in a garden or café. However, Bali not only has Hubud when you are looking for coworking spaces. This means you also have a lot of other spaces to consider when searching for a nice spot to work while refreshing. 

  • Biliq Bali Cosharing Space

Biliq Bali is another great co-sharing venue that is well-known for offering various relaxing spaces to work. At Biliq Bali, you are allowed to do your job while enjoying various pleasing spots including an outdoor workspace in the poolside. A meeting room and Skype room are also available at Biliq Bali.

Best Co-Working Space in Bali to Work While Refreshing
  • Dojo Bali

Once entering Dojo Bali, you will realize that this shared workspace is supposed to make people relaxed while doing their things. You can find both outdoor and indoor workspaces as well as meeting rooms. Plenty of cozy seats can be found on the poolside of Dojo Bali too. 

  • Hub Bali

Hub Bali is also a popular choice for those who want to spend their time in a Balinese coworking area. Hub Bali also comes with a selection of working spots including outdoor and indoor spaces. At Hub Bali, you can do your job while seeing relaxing greeneries.

Consider Your Style and Budget to Choose Balinese Coworking Spaces

You already know some of the most recommended coworking spaces in Bali. While all of them seem intriguing, just make sure your choice suits your taste and budget. For your information, coworking spaces in Bali vary in prices and membership plans.

For example, Biliq Bali allows you to pay IDR 500 per minute. This plan is especially perfect for you who just want to spend a few hours at Biliq Bali. In case you want to work all day, Biliq Bali also offers a one-day plan that costs IDR 150.000.

Best Co-Working Space in Bali to Work While Refreshing

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the facilities of Dojo Bali by spending around IDR 220.000 per day. If you find it hard to say goodbye to Dojo Bali after spending a day working here, consider booking a room for an overnight stay. 

All in all, Bali has a selection of coworking spaces that allow you to work while refreshing. With wonderful landscape backdrops and natural breeze, working at one of the Balinese coworking would be amazing. Just make sure to select the right coworking space that suits your style and budget.