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Delman Startup Earns Initial Funding of IDR 23.6 Billion

Delman Startup Earns Initial Funding of IDR 23.6 Billion

Delman, a big data management startup, announced that it had received seed funding of US $ 1.6 million, or around IDR 23.6 billion (exchange rate of IDR 14,755 per US dollar), led by Intudo Ventures. Other investors involved were Prasetia Dwidharma Ventures and Qlue Performa Indonesia.

This startup will use this funding to expand its business, by developing a big data management ecosystem that clients can use to make predictions and business decisions, and build the Delman R&D Center (big data research and development center) in Surabaya this year.

Delman Startup Earns Initial Funding of IDR 23.6 Billion

Delman Founder and CEO, Surya Halim, explained that the initial funding phase was Delman’s strategic cooperation with three companies. Those companies are Intudo Ventures, Qlue Performa Indonesia and Prasetia Dwidharma Ventures.

They will develop end-to-end big data management ecosystems starting from combining, cleaning, and classifying data to visualizing data in the form of an easy-to-understand dashboard.

“Delman’s big data management solution helps companies to accelerate the process of integrating data from various sources. The data will be processed and analyzed to produce the best insights that can be used by company management in decision making,” Surya Halim said in his official statement on Tuesday (26) / 5/2020).

Since 2018, Delman has been Working with Qlue to Help Big Data Management

Surya explained, since its establishment in 2018, Delman worked with Qlue to help the big data management of various companies and government agencies that had been irregular and processed in the traditional way, to be more efficient with the data processing automation process.

Delman has also worked closely with several well-known research and consulting companies in Indonesia in making data unification designs for clients, making it easier for companies to develop appropriate business strategies.

“The classic problem with data in Indonesia is the large amount of data that is unstructured and incompatible with each other, traditionally processed, and the lack of team insight in processing data. We find that on average companies spend US $ 200,000 or around IDR 2.9 billion, and 70 percent of the time to clean (cleansing) and classify data into a database (warehousing),” Surya said.

The Company Will Build a Delman R&D Center in Surabaya

Delman encourages companies to optimize human resources and efficiency in big data analysis, by presenting various features such as data cleansing assistant, identity matching, and also specific configurations that can be adjusted to the needs.

To support this, Delman will build the Delman R&D Center in Surabaya and recruit the best data scientists to develop big data analysis products and services, including recruiting Indonesian data scientists who currently work in Silicon Valley.

Delman Startup Earns Initial Funding of IDR 23.6 Billion

Intudo Ventures Founding Partner Eddy Chan said, “By combining local approaches and global level technical expertise, Delman supports companies in Indonesia through big data solutions developed specifically for Indonesian businesses, with the ultimate goal of helping end-users get better results.”

Meanwhile, Qlue’s Founder and CEO Rama Raditya said that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Qlue continued to actively invest in startups with great potential, one of which was Delman.

Qlue shares the same vision with Delman, which is accelerating positive change through technological solutions. Qlue believes, as a newcomer Delman will become a major player in the big data industry, and push big data to a higher level in Indonesia.

The big data market in Indonesia will continue to grow and meeting the needs of big data solutions will begin to shift to local companies because the solutions provided are in line with the needs of Indonesian companies.

“We see many companies in Indonesia who want to carry out digital transformation, but have not been optimal in processing and analyzing big data. We hope this investment will help Delman continue to innovate in AI and machine learning for big data analysis,” Rama concluded.