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GrabFood and Yummy Corp Collaborate to Develop Virtual Cloud Kitchen

GrabFood and Yummy Corp Collaborate to Develop Virtual Cloud Kitchen Restaurant

GrabFood announced that it has collaborated with Yummy Corp to develop cloud kitchens in Indonesia. This cloud kitchen or virtual restaurant is claimed to be a form of business to develop the digital economy in Indonesia.

With this collaboration, GrabFood and Yummy Corp will open more than 80 locations operated by both of them. Besides, there will be more menu choices for customers on the GrabFood platform.

GrabFood and Yummy Corp Collaborate to Develop Virtual Cloud Kitchen

“Our collaboration with Yummy Corp not only helps us support the expansion of the culinary business more comprehensively, but also opens up more opportunities for businesses to test new menus and concepts in order to stay ahead,” said Country Managing Director of Grab Indonesia, Neneng Goenadi, Monday (8/2/2021).

According to him, this cooperative step is suitable. The reason is, Neneng said, Grab as a food delivery platform and Yummy Corp as its operational management. The benefits obtained by GrabKitchen merchants cover at least four things. First, operational management which will be directly guided by Grab and Yummy Corp.

then they will be connected directly to the delivery network owned by the two companies. “Then, their promotion of brands that are within the scope of grab, have a consumer base that is ready to try various kinds of innovative menus and flavors,” said GrabFood Head of Marketing, Hadi Surya.

Meanwhile, Yummy Corp CEO, Mario Suntanu, supports the acceleration of expansion to support the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia. “Yummy Corp’s mission is to support culinary entrepreneurs to grow in the new digital era by providing managed expansion solutions through cloud kitchens,” he explained.

Vision, Mission and New Concepts

In the cooperation agreement, three things cover the vision and mission of both. First, cloud kitchen expansion, in which Grab and Yummy Corp work together to expand the cloud kitchen network and help culinary businesses reach new locations and cities, and quickly increase the scale of their business.

Second, Yummy Corp’s merchant partners will have access to Grab features such as ‘order at once’ where customers can order from multiple merchants in one order, and benefit from a wider range of sales opportunities.

GrabFood and Yummy Corp Collaborate to Develop Virtual Cloud Kitchen

Then, Grab and Yummy Corp plan to work with culinary entrepreneurs to create new concepts, test them on the GrabFood platform, and develop them in the cloud kitchen networks of Grab and Yummy Corp.

This approach allows culinary entrepreneurs to take a data-driven approach to experiment and test new concepts firsthand, at minimal costs. Thus, users will feel the change in GrabKitchen which is located in at least 7 cities in Indonesia. Such as Jabodetabek, Bandung, Malang, Makassar, Bali, Medan and Surabaya.

GrabFood Encourages the Acceleration of Digitalization of MSME Partners

Head of Marketing GrabFood Grab Indonesia, Hadi Surya, said the steps he would take this year would facilitate the development of merchants and MSMEs. Aritnya, which plays a role here is digital acceleration for MSMEs.

There are two options for MSMEs, namely joining GrabFood or GrabMart. Both are recognized as having their respective advantages. “To provide the widest possible access so that their products can reach all Grab users,” said Hadi, in a press conference, Monday (8/2/2021).

GrabFood and Yummy Corp Collaborate to Develop Virtual Cloud Kitchen

Hadi said he was proud to be part of the acceleration of the digital economy. Regarding other platforms that are starting to look at the food delivery feature, he welcomes this with optimism. For him, competition is a positive one, so each platform will provide the best experience for customers.

“All innovations refer to that, for how to provide products and services that always provide added value to merchant partners,” said Hadi. Referring to last year’s achievements, many GrabFood users enjoy something that is suitable for price, or value for money. People are also seen to prefer a variety of menu choices.