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LinkAja Syariah Facilitates Digital Qurban to Facilitate the Community

LinkAja Syariah Facilitates Digital Qurban to Facilitate the Community

LinkAja facilitates digital sacrifice to facilitate community worship through the LinkAja Syariah ecosystem. Syariah Services Group Head, Widjayanto Djaenudin conveyed that digital sacrifice has been in the application since the beginning of LinkAja Syariah was launched last April.

“The digital sacrifice program is run in conjunction with several partners, including Vestifarm, Dompet Dhuafa, and Rumah Zakat,” he told Republika.co.id, Wednesday (7/15).

LinkAja Syariah Facilitates Digital Qurban to Facilitate the Community

LinkAja Syariah basically provides payment services for the sharia ecosystem. There are three main categories of sharia service products, namely the ZISWAF Ecosystem (Zakat, Infaq, Alms, and Waqf), Mosque-Based Economic Empowerment, and the Digitalization of Islamic Boarding Schools and SMEs.

He is committed to continue to innovate products and expand cooperation partners in an effort to build a sharia economic ecosystem in Indonesia. In this Covid-19 Pandemic situation, he also hopes that LinkAja Syariah Services can be utilized to the maximum extent possible to meet the daily needs of users who believe in Islamic law, as well as share it with others.

Has Various Advantageous Features

LinkAja Syariah provides various features that are present to help facilitate non-cash payments and digital financial services. In addition to digital alms, digital donations / infaq, digital endowments.

It can also be for digital qurban, digital tuition payments and boarding schools, cash endowments for shares, payments at a number of e-commerce partners, distribution of ZIS funds (Zakat, Infaq, Alms), and various other transactions.

LinkAja Syariah Facilitates Digital Qurban to Facilitate the Community

Widjayanto added, during this pandemic, many Islamic users use features related to personal needs. Such as telco products, including pulses, data packages, VAS, ziswaf payments and P2P transfers.

LinkAja recorded a sixfold increase in payment transactions in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period the previous year. The company said the two services most widely used in the last few months through the LinkAja platform during the corona pandemic were e-commerce and utility payments.

Since the existence of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) more and more people are utilizing bill payment services through LinkAja. “From June to July, we see this growth (transaction) is getting better,” Edward said in a video conference on Wednesday (7/15). However, he did not explain further about this.

According to him, the trend of online payments through the LinkAja platform will continue to increase. Because, in the new normal era, new people are increasingly aware that non-cash transactions are a safer way to avoid coronavirus exposure.

The corona pandemic had made transactions through the Indonesian Quick Response Code (QRIS) which had declined in the early days of the PSBB. However, as of early June, the method of payment has again increased in use.

BUMN Vice Minister Expects LinkAja to join JakLinkgo

LinkAja has also been used as a payment mode of transportation. Until now, LinkAja can be used in 134 transportation services such as Commuter Line, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), KAI Access, Bluebird, to Gojek.

In the near future, Edward said, the company will also present payment services in Light Rapid Transit (LRT) mode. In addition, LinkAja has recorded around 3,087 merchants for Public Filling Stations (SPBU) and 35 payment service partners.

LinkAja Syariah Facilitates Digital Qurban to Facilitate the Community

Deputy Minister of BUMN II Kartiko Wirjoatmodjo hopes that the government-owned electronic money application, LinkAja, can work with PT JakLingko as the manager of inter-modal integration in DKI Jakarta. Thus, LinkAja can be involved in inter-modal integrated payment systems in the capital.

The hope was conveyed directly before the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan, Wednesday (7/15). “It was said that there will be partners in JakLingko, we at SOE certainly hope, for a little promotion, it is hoped that Telkom can participate. If it was said JakLingko, we also have LinkAja,” he said.