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6 Tips on Choosing Coworking Space Bali Service

6 Tips on Choosing Coworking Space Bali Service

The coworking space Bali offers comfortable office nuance, but the design is more attractive. The terms remote working and digital nomads are increasingly being heard lately. Remote working defines the activity of working from outside the office. It will be used in another place.

Meanwhile, digital nomads are those who use the internet to make money (no need to go to the office) and move around (nomadic). With the growing popularity of remote working and the nomad’s digital lifestyle, a new type of place has emerged known as coworking space. 

6 Tips on Choosing Coworking Space Bali Service

This term refers to a place that can be shared by a person or a company at work. One of the locations where coworking space is very popular is in Bali. Bali Island is a favorite location for digital nomads from all over the world. 

Considerations before Choosing Coworking Space Bali

Aside from the beautiful scenery, relatively low cost of living, and the many choices of coworking space available, the coworking space there is so convenient. Which one is the best? Here are some beneficial tips for you in choosing a coworking space.

1. Consider Internet Speed and Stability

The first thing that must be your consideration in choosing coworking space is the speed and stability of the internet they have. After all, the main purpose of coming to a place like this is to work. Internet connection is a vital element in the work of digital nomads.

The easiest way to find out how good an internet access speed is by using some related applications. It is effective to see the actual speed of an internet. Meanwhile, to find out the stability, you can see the ping obtained from time to time.

The managers and owners of coworking space in Bali generally have realized the importance of a fast and stable internet connection for their members. Not infrequently, they hire professional IT consulting services such when designing internet networks on their premises.

6 Tips on Choosing Coworking Space Bali Service

2. Community and Activities

The added value provided by a coworking space is usually in the form of membership programs and also routine activities (seminars, workshops & movie nights). In addition to providing membership discounts, membership programs usually open access to member-specific activities and networking with fellow members.

Meanwhile, activities that are held in a coworking space usually have several goals. Those are ranging from actually sharing, establishing new business networks to introducing coworking space to more people. It is beneficial for the members.

That is why; before choosing a coworking space, you can find out first about their activities. Besides, don’t forget to look for the information about their membership program, offers, and more. Compare more than one coworking space options and choose one that suits you the most.

3. Adjust to your Work Needs

Co-working space by default certainly offers a work desk, electricity, and internet access. However, it helps you first find out other services provided and then compare them with work habits. You can adjust everything that they offer to your work needs. 

For example, if you like coffee to be more creative and uplifting, then choose a co-working space that is completed with a cafe. Or at least they have a kitchen so you can make your own coffee while working in that place.

Find a co-working space that meets your work needs is also a must. For example, if your job requires a meeting place, then look for units that have meeting rooms. If you use more than one gadget, make sure the existing power jack can accommodate it. 

4. Select the Flexible Coworking Space 

Generally, co-working space offers hourly, daily, or monthly rates. It can also be accompanied by certain packages. If you only need a co-working space at certain times, it is recommended to choose the daily one. If you need it regularly, then the monthly package is much more profitable.

The co-working space also has operating hours for visitors to access. Therefore, you should first find out the best working time when choosing a co-working space. If you have free working hours, choose a co-working space with long opening and closing hours. It is a way better.

Commonly, the coworking space will open from 8.00 am-05.00 pm. However, sometimes a unit can offer more work hours to accommodate their members’ needs. That is why; a coworking space may still open until 9.00 pm every day. Choose one which is suitable for your job needs.

6 Tips on Choosing Coworking Space Bali Service

5. Always Make the Essential Considerations

Logically, if the facilities for crucial work needs are well available, then you can work well. However, choosing a co-working space that is comfortable and has a cozy atmosphere is very important for work performance. The design and nuance of a coworking space are important.

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