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5 Tech Startup Ideas You Might Want to Try

5 Tech Startup Ideas You Might Want to Try

There are many tech startup ideas that can be used to start your career. Especially in the era of the digital economy, startup business has become something that captivates many people’s hearts. You can see thousands of startups built every year.

Investors from all over the world do not hesitate to inject fresh funds into startups, as long as the ideas promoted by the startup are promising. The development of increasingly modern technology supported by internet access, indeed makes the start-up business experience very significant progress.

5 Tech Startup Ideas You Might Want to Try

Names like Grab and GO-JEK are clear evidence that start-up companies are able to achieve Decacorn status with a company value of more than USD 10 billion. The success of the two online transportation technology companies finally inspired many entrepreneurs to explore the start-up business.

Speaking of start-ups, in fact, it is not identical to mere technology companies. Because start-ups are the initial stages of a business. It’s just that the emergence of startups in conjunction with advances in internet technology so that start-ups are more associated with the digital world.

The majority of start-up business drivers are young people today alias millennial generation. It’s not really difficult to develop a business start-up, as long as you have an innovative idea that is able to attract the attention of investors to be willing to invest and develop the company.

Tech Startup Ideas you can Try in 2020

1. Edutech

Startups engaged in education may sound very ordinary to you. However, the world of education in Indonesia is still very minimal in using technology for learning. This can be a gap for startups to develop technology that can support learning and teaching activities.

In addition, modern mobile society will require innovation in the field of education. Education needed by the community is not only limited to formal education. Non-formal education is one of the needs of the community in this digital era.

Sewing courses, cooking courses, foreign language courses, and many more, are non-formal education needed by the people of this era. The application of educational technology start-ups like this can be developed in developing countries like Indonesia to cut unemployment.

2. Graphic Design

The number of startups and MSMEs that were built in Indonesia and the world, making human needs for graphic design increases. It is undeniable that design is one of the most important components in a business.

In creating a startup, someone will need a logo to show the identity of the company. Packaging of products also requires designs that can attract the attention of consumers. Here is an opportunity for you to target the market.

You can create startups that provide graphic designer services or provide graphic design courses. What is clear, this field can be one of the promising fields in the era of the digital economy.

5 Tech Startup Ideas You Might Want to Try

3. UI / UX Designers & Specialists

UI / UX or User Interface / User-Experience designers and specialists have a unique skill set that is extremely important in this digital economy era. A lot of consumer psychology is based on how the customers interact with a website or app interface and how pleasant or easy the experience is.

UI / UX designers can literally build the face of the brand or company. The payment they receive is good enough for this type of job. As with any other job, the experience and work portfolio plays a big role in future work prospects. So if you are interested in starting your own UI / UX business, keep hustling and taking up even the smallest gigs, even just for the experience.

4. Health-tech

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, health consulting services have become a promising business. That is because people choose to stay at home and conduct health consultations online through the application on their smartphone.

The idea of ​​a health consultation start-up business will have great potential in Indonesia. You can connect doctors, patients, pharmacists with patients online. In addition to being profitable, startups in the health sector can make it easier for people to get health services.

5. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

In Indonesia, startups in the AI ​​field helped the government a lot in mapping the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This can make it easier for the government to take steps to deal with a pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence does not mean replacing human intelligence, but this technology can be used by humans to facilitate work. This technology can also be a solution for a country to overcome various problems, ranging from health, education, poverty, and others.

5 Tech Startup Ideas You Might Want to Try

Some of Indonesia’s Famous Startups

In Indonesia, you can find many startups in the field of education, including RuangGuru, Zenius, and Quipper. The three edutech startups have a lot to play in providing online education services to teachers and students in Indonesia. The services they provide vary from free to paid.

Health-tech in Indonesia is also the most widely used startup because it works with two decacorns; Gojek and Grab. Health startups are Halodoc and Good Doctor. The services they provide include free consultation and purchase of drugs at the nearest pharmacy through the application.

Next up is the AI startup; Neurabot. This startup is working with the government in dealing with a pandemic in Indonesia, from mapping the spread of the virus to early detection of COVID-19 in the community.

Start Building Your Own Startup

The startups above did not suddenly become big like now. Their business also starts from the crumbs of ideas that are united with determination and hard work. In the startup business, ideas are the most important capital you need. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to start exploring your business idea.

After finding the perfect idea, you can start setting goals for what your startup is built on. Market research is also one of the most important parts of building a startup business.

No less important than the three things above, a solid and positive team is also a valuable asset for your business. If you build a startup with a strong team, then your business will run smoothly. You should also pay attention to Foksu, so you don’t lose your footing in the middle of your business journey.

Starting a startup business can be a profitable opportunity if you know the tricks. Consistency and hard work are the keys that you must hold on to. Some of the tech startup ideas above can be an inspiration for those of you who want to start a startup business.