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5 Benefits of Startup Internship for Millennials

5 Benefits of Startup Internship for Millennials

In this era, young generation must have considered finding a startup internship, especially students. Join in a large company is the dream of almost most people. No doubt, we generally assume that large companies will provide more welfare for their employees. Although the reality could say otherwise.

A good reputation from a large company is also often the main attraction. So that many employees try to always look for opportunities and opportunities to enter large-scale companies.

5 Benefits of Startup Internship for Millennials

There is nothing wrong with that thought. But for those of you who are confused about finding an internship as a final project, it’s a good idea to try to look at the other side of the company that is still a small category even beginners, which lately are called startups. Ie, startups, or technology-based companies.

Because startup companies can actually provide better opportunities for interns (internship students), remembering in a place like this you will actually be able to play more roles in the development of the company.

Eventually, you will be able to find challenges in developing the company, right? And it will give satisfaction and more value from the results of your internship later. Then, what are the benefits that you can get when you intern at a startup company?

The Benefits of Startup Internship that need to be known

1. A Chance to Work with the Founder

People who have been able to reach the position of a founder, then no doubt the genius talents they have. Now, with an internship at a startup company, your chance to work and work with the founder will be even greater.

And that will give more benefit to your internship experience because you interact directly with the founder and can take his knowledge and experience.

People who are startup companies are certainly those who have high motivation and talent, because they think and try hard how to run and develop a business.

Well, if you blend into the rhythm of their work, then your motivation and innovation will also be honed well. When joining this company, you will have ample opportunities to work with these talented people. Do not rule out the possibility, you will handle a challenging project.

2. Find a Cool Work Atmosphere

In accordance with its category, namely startups or startups, then if you are an intern here, you will definitely enjoy a pleasant working atmosphere or the term is casual. Because most of the people who are members of startup companies are young people.

Even if the average worker is no longer young, they generally remain young at heart. You can enjoy the work culture of young people and interact with a more relaxed and comfortable environment.

Of course, this will make your internship atmosphere exciting and exciting, right? You can exchange ideas and ideas with ease without feeling awkward because of the average age they will not be far from you. So take advantage of the good opportunities for internships at this startup company.

5 Benefits of Startup Internship for Millennials

3. Have a very Broad Learning Opportunity

You need to know, only in startup companies can you be free to have lots of opportunities to learn various things, especially those related to the company’s field. Meanwhile, if in a large company, then you will only have a limited scope of work.

With a wider scope in this startup company, then you can learn everything quickly and this is very important to build your career later.

If your apprentice company uses a digital technology system, then you will benefit greatly. Because you can learn a lot of things there. Imagine how much it would cost to study digital systems today. Well, in this startup company, you can learn for free, even paid as well.

4. You Can Get Involved or Handle the Project Fully

The small scope of work you will meet at startup companies can provide their own benefits. Because you have the potential to get the opportunity to directly handle company projects, or even take full responsibility for handling the project.

Of course, this will be very fun and beneficial for you. Because you will have a great opportunity to practice and test your abilities or skills.

5. There are Learning Opportunities to Become Entrepreneurs

In contrast to large companies that will only give you tasks and responsibilities, which may be small. In startup companies, you can actually see and participate in building the company itself. You can learn many things including how to develop and manage a company well.

Not just being a worker, in a startup company, you will have the opportunity to learn to be an entrepreneur (entrepreneur) as well. This is one of the most valuable knowledge you can get in the future.

How to Get an Internship at the Best Startups

There are many ways for students to get information related to internships in many startup options. To find information about an internship, you can visit a number of digital platforms. You just simply enter the desired internship position, then click the search icon.

5 Benefits of Startup Internship for Millennials

Some websites that provide information related to this internship include Startup Jobs, Tech in Asia and Kalibrr. Not only in Indonesia, but the Startup Jobs site also provides full-time, part-time, freelance, and internship vacancies at startups located in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

And then, Tech in Asia, a website that not only provides startup-related news, this website also has submenus aimed at finding jobs at startup. Jobs displayed on the TIA page can be sorted by the position category sought. So, the search for internship positions will be easier to do.

Kalibrr claims there are more than 500 companies holding recruitments on its platform. A number of well-known startups like Gojek, Shopee, Moka, Ovo, Tokopedia, and Idn Media are included.

Getting a dream job at a large company can become a reality if you have adequate experience and skills. A high grade cannot guarantee that you will be accepted into a bona fide company, but a startup internship can provide you with the experience that will be useful in the real world of work.