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Xendit Releases Three New Solutions for Businesses


Payments infrastructure company Xendit announced three new digital business solutions targeting businesses of all sizes.

Xendit Releases Three New Solutions for Businesses

The three solutions include the Xendit Bisnis mobile application to make it easier for Xenditcustomers to receive payments from consumers; the Xendit Online Store feature to make it easier to set up an online store and accept digital payments; and XenSol for digital transformation solutions including online payments.

“With this application, now everyone can manage digital payment transactions more easily and more securely,” said Moses Lo, Founder and CEO of Xendit, quoted from a press release on Friday (11/5/2021).

To support high mobility, said Moses, Xendit Bisnis is able to issue invoices and accept various types of payment methods from buyers through this application, anytime and anywhere.

Moses hopes that the presence of these three solutions can help online business operators run smoother and more efficiently, especially in terms of saving time.

Xendit Releases Three New Solutions for Businesses

Features of Xendit Business, Xendit Online Store and XenSol

The Xendit Bisnis application is also equipped with an Order Management feature. Through this feature, business actors can process all transactions automatically, from inputting orders from buyers, arranging shipments, to recaps of all purchases.

Currently, the Xendit Business app is available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Then Xendit Online Store allows businesses to set up an online store with a unique URL in less than 5 minutes.

This solution features a choice of various payment methods supported by Xendit. Meanwhile, XenSol, which stands for Xendit Solution, targets businesses on a large scale that are trying to carry out a complete digital transformation.

The third business solution presented by Xendit in the fourth quarter of 2021 is XenSol(Xendit Solution). In collaboration with Andrew Tani & Co. (ATC), XenSol targets business players on a large scale, namely companies and state-owned enterprises that seek to carry out a comprehensive digital transformation.

The company can use consulting services from ATC and Xendit will support this digital transformation by providing a better digital payment infrastructure, under the XenSolprogram.

Later, Xendit also plans to invite relevant partners and agencies as partners to run the XenSolprogram in a sustainable manner.

The launch of Xendit’s new applications and features aims to make it easier for all business people of various scales, from individual businesses, MSMEs, to large companies to operate their digital businesses.

Xendit expands access to technology in order to create an equal playing field, so that all businesses in Indonesia can start their business and grow well.

Focus on Working on the MSME Segment in 2022

Xendit, a payment infrastructure company, will focus on working on the market segment for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and social sellers next year.

Head of PR and Events Xendit Astri Abyanti said, since the Covid-19 pandemic, many MSMEs and social sellers need more digital payment solutions. For this reason, Xendit is committed to being more serious about finding out the needs of MSME actors and social sellers.

“Our market segmentation in 2021, of course, will focus more on MSMEs and social sellers. For 2022, it will be like that. We will expand and further explore what MSMEs and social sellers need,” said Astri at the Launching of Three New Digital Business Solutions. Xendit, quoted Thursday (4/11/2021).

This, said Astri, is also in line with the government’s efforts to encourage MSMEs to advance to class and encourage the digital transformation of MSMEs because they are considered to be one of the main pillars of Indonesia’s digital economy.

“So our concentration is full there, but we don’t forget that there are large business scales, such as companies and SOEs,” he added.