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NOICE Live Offers a Space for Listeners to Interact with Their Favorite Creators


NOICE’s streaming audio platform is launching a live audio feature called NOICE Live towards the end of 2021. In a press release, NOICE said that more than one million users have been able to interact directly with their favorite creators with this interactive feature.

“Since its launch, we have continued to see the enthusiasm of NOICE users for the NOICE Live feature, and we are optimistic that this feature will continue to receive attention from users,” said NOICE CEO Rado Ardian.

Rado said listeners could enjoy a new way to interact directly with creators, artists, musicians or experts, in a discussion room via comments, or even chat live in real-time.

“NOICE Live can be enjoyed by the wider community, anyone, inclusively, without the need for an invitation,” said Rado, written on Friday (11/5/2021).

“We hope that users now have a wider choice of audio content in the formats they like in one hand,” he added.

NOICE Live Offers a Space for Listeners to Interact with Their Favorite Creators

NOICE Inter Interactive Features

Previously, NOICE also had an interactive feature, which made it easy for their users, called Paranoice, to interact with creators or podcasters.

Some of these features such as comments, follow, direct messages, share, and others, which can now be accessed to support interactivity in NOICE Live to make it more interesting.

“Not only commenting in writing through comments but listeners can also be used as speakers so they can feel the opportunity to interact directly with the host and other resource persons like chatting side by side,” said NOICE.

The NOICE Live feature itself can be found on the homepage of the NOICE application, with a view of a series of available rooms.

Users can choose the desired room to join according to the topic, time, and host, and can use the “Remind Me” feature so as not to miss the room schedule on NOICE Live. One room can accommodate more than two thousand listeners simultaneously.

NOICE Live Offers a Space for Listeners to Interact with Their Favorite Creators

Theater of Mind

NOICE said, generally, around 8 pm is the most ideal time to start a room on NOICE Live, because most users listen to audio content in the application at that time. NOICE Chief Business Officer Niken Sasmaya said listening to audio content is a “theatre of mind.”

“Listeners can smile and laugh only by imagining when listening to the conversations of their favorite content creators,” said Niken.

In addition, they also want content creators and brands to have the opportunity to build and find their community, on the platform.

“In the long term, we hope NOICE can open up new jobs in this industry and prove that being an audio content creator can be something that many people aspire to,” said Niken.

NOICE claims, since its launch in 2018, its platform has already earned 1 billion minutes spent by their users, listening to audio content on the app.

Uni1ty to Wishnutama Live Chat with Fans on Noice Live

Since its launch in early October, the Noice Live audio feature developed by local audio content platform, Noice, has been increasingly recognized as a place for content creators to interact and build their community.

This week, the virtual world was shocked by Un1ty, a boyband consisting of 8 young people from Indonesia, who had a chit-chat session with more than 1,500 fans through the live audio feature, Noice Live. At that moment, some Youn1t (the fandom name of Un1ty) can chat directly with their idols.

Not to forget the former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia who is also an entrepreneur, Wishnutama Kusubandio, also enlivened Noice Live through his room by inviting a talented young politician guest star, Tsamara Amany.

This time Wishnutama and Tsamara chatted casually about childhood, dreams and Jakarta. In a live session that took place last week, Tsamara also shared his views on the role of women in society. She stated that women must remain empowered and get support from those around them regardless of their choice, career or being a housewife.