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Welcoming Ramadan, Chilibeli Launches Special Food Packages

Welcoming Ramadan, Chilibeli Launches Special Food Packages

Chilibeli launches a digital short story campaign titled #KebaikanMitraChilibeli. Over the next 4 weeks until Eid, every average episode of 2 to 3 minutes will be launched every week on the Chilibeli social media account.

The main theme of the campaign is focused on community spirit, kindness, and a sense of responsibility during this uncertain period. Not only that, but Chilibeli also used this special moment to launch a special shopping package titled #KebaikanMitraChilibeli.

Welcoming Ramadan, Chilibeli Launches Special Food Packages

In order to welcome the coming of Eid Al-Fitr who will be coming soon, Chilibeli presents around 3 packages of special staple foodstuffs that can be ordered by Partners and Friends of Chilibeli.

“We are trying to ease the financial burden that is being borne by the Partners and Friends by launching special food packages at affordable prices ranging from Rp. 59,000 to Rp. 94,900. The food package consists of necessities such as cooking oil, instant noodles, frozen food choices, fresh breath drinks, and several other basic products.” Yumir Syamsyah Lubis, Marketing & Communications Manager of Chilibeli said in a press release.

This staple food package is available for ordering from April 24 to Eid. Partners and Friends can order special shopping packages through the application or the website www.chilibeli.id as well as ordering staples in Chilibeli in general.

The Company Had Received Funding from Investors

Previously, Chilibeli won funding of USD10 million in a round led by Lightspeed Ventures with participation from leading investors such as Golden Gate Ventures, Surge (scale-up program from Sequoia Capital India), Kinesys Group, and Alto Partners.

Chilibeli is a leading social commerce platform that connects farmers and suppliers with every household to deliver quality fresh produce at affordable prices.

Welcoming Ramadan, Chilibeli Launches Special Food Packages

Founded in July 2019 by Alex Feng, Damon Yue, and Matt Li, this platform introduces a new era of shopping experience of basic food needs by sharpening a focus on comfort, safety, and quality.

Chilibeli empowers agents referred to as Chilibeli Partners, who are mostly made up of housewives, and gives them the opportunity to create more value for consumers, encourage friendship, and increase income for the family economy.

Since its establishment, Chilibeli’s performance has shown a 150% growth every month, as well as creating 300 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs for Chilibeli Partners in Indonesia.

“When Alex, Damon, and Matt met us with Chilibeli’s initial ideas, we were interested in the concept of distributing household products using active partners, conveniently and affordably,” Justin Hall, Partner of Golden Gate Ventures said.

The Trusted Community Social Circle is Utilized by This Platform

In many ways, he explained, it inspired an idea that has never been successfully exploited by other online shopping platforms, namely the social circle of trusted communities.

By building technology platforms that directly involve the Indonesian community network, they can open opportunities and innovative ways to shop, collaborate, and earn independently.

Welcoming Ramadan, Chilibeli Launches Special Food Packages

“We are very optimistic about the Chilibeli team that bridges Indonesian farmers, suppliers, and consumers. This forms a harmoniously integrated partnership. We are also very honored to be able to accompany them on this journey,” Justin continued.

Chilibeli CEO Alex Feng said he would like to thank investors for their confidence in their products. The funds will be used to strengthen the Jakarta, South Tangerang, and Depok community networks, as well as to expand further reach.

This funding round officially made Chilibeli a Series-A startup company in just 7 months after standing-one of the fastest-growing Southeast Asian startups.

The strength of Chilibeli as a social commerce platform comes from the empowerment of local middle-class economy communities in Indonesia with access to quality products at friendly prices. At the same time continuing to encourage the welfare of all economic actors in the Chilibeli ecosystem, namely farmers, housewives, and SMEs in the community network.