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Telkomsel Involves Local Startups in Making PPE for Medical Staff

Telkomsel Involves Local Startups in Making PPE for Medical Staff

Telkomsel donated 100,000 units of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ventilators to Emergency Hospitals such as Pertamina Jaya Hospital in Jakarta, and several Covid-19 referral hospitals throughout Indonesia.

The PPE, which includes hazmat suits, infrared thermo-gun, masks, and other medical equipment, was produced by local startup companies under the guidance of Telkomsel from The NextDev, such as Jahitin and Kostoom.

Telkomsel Involves Local Startups in Making PPE for Medical Staff

Whereas in providing ventilators, Telkomsel also collaborated with the Salman Mosque Foundation (YPM) Salman Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) through the Salman ITB Care program. The total social assistance provided by Telkomsel for handling Covid-19 in Indonesia is claimed to reach Rp. 25 billion.

“We believe that the handling of Covid-19 can only be done by making various collective efforts, which certainly would not have been carried out without collaboration in various lines,” Telkomsel President Director, Setyanto Hantoro said in a written statement received by KompasTekno, Tuesday (11/5 / 2020).

Jahitin, a Startup that Provides Online Tailor Services

Asri Wijayanti embraced around 200 tailors to join the startup jahitin.com, which she founded in September 2016 in Malang. This site connects home tailors with customers who need clothing sewing services.

This business was started because of the founder’s anxiety over the low wages of home tailors, their average income was only around one million per month. Through Jahitin, an increase in the tailor’s income could reach three million per month.

Most of the partner customers are female students in Malang, while the tailoring partners are mostly from West Java.

Telkomsel Involves Local Startups in Making PPE for Medical Staff

How Jahitin works is simple. The customer fills in the order data that contains the desired column, dress size, and model. Consumers can also upload photos of clothing models. If it’s right, the customer sends the fabric to the address of the tailor that has been chosen.

Payment can be made in advance or after the order is completed. For self-dress measurements, Sewin provides a Body Measurement feature where clients can measure their updated body measurements without the hassle of going to the tailor’s address.

Kostoom is Also a Startup that Provide Tailor Services

Many tailors whose economic level did not experience a significant increase amid the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry in Indonesia. Seeing this fact, Putry Yuli did not remain silent. In 2016 he founded Kostoom. This is a startup that provides online sewing services.

Kostoom has now netted up to 2,000 tailors. The business scheme has also changed. It’s no longer business to customer (B2C), but since last year it has become business to business (B2B).

Since changing more business models to corporations, the business growth of the startup has immediately jumped. Putry claims, last year his income jumped up to 30%. “So our target market is for fashion entrepreneurs and corporations,” he said.

When receiving orders, Kostoom directly involved tailors who had joined in several areas. In the meantime, this startup has not yet optimized all available tailors. Because it must curate the quality of the tailor partners.

Telkomsel Involves Local Startups in Making PPE for Medical Staff

Telkomsel Also Invites Other Parties to Contribute

As part of this collaborative effort, Telkomsel has also collaborated with several parties to provide solutions for handling Covid-19 prevention. Such as cooperation in the COVID-19 Operations Handling and Prevention program initiated by PMI, by providing a FleetSight IoT solution and TOMS (Telkomsel Order Management System).

Both solutions from Telkomsel will help PMI to continue to be able to apply physical restrictions in managing PMI’s activities, distribution, and operational vehicles.

Telkomsel also presents CloudX service facilities at the Covid-19 Emergency Information Center and Hospital in Jakarta and Batam, provides free access to three official information sites for handling Covid-19 and utilizes the SMS broadcast feature for education and outreach.

While the collective effort with customers, Telkomsel has run the #DiRumahTerusBerbagi program which allows users to exchange TelkomselPOIN for donations to the Kitabisa and BenihBaik crowdfunding platforms.