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Tokopedia Reveals Shopping Trends on Its Platform throughout the Q3

Tokopedia Reveals Shopping Trends on Its Platform throughout the Q3

Tokopedia has just revealed the trend of online selling transactions on its platform throughout the third quarter of this year. According to Tokopedia’s VP of Corporate Communications, Nuraini Razak, Food and Beverage, Health, Household, Electronics, and Mobile & Tablet categories became the five most popular categories during the July to September 2020 period.

Online shopping is still the choice of most people to fulfill their needs amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an effort to reduce the potential for transmission of the coronavirus. This also encourages sales for e-commerce companies.

In an official statement received on Sunday (11/10/2020), for the Food and Beverage category, sales nearly tripled during the pandemic. The increase was experienced mainly for products which are the staple food.

“Basic food products such as instant noodles, eggs and fish, tea, and local coffee are the best-selling products,” he said. Furthermore, Nuraini said, with the activities currently being carried out at home, the Household category in Tokopedia has also increased two times faster than before the pandemic.

Based on the data, Nuraini said, shoes and slippers, air fresheners, and sleeping pillows were the most popular products. Meanwhile, for the electronics category, the best-selling products are smart lamps, earphones, antennas and TV receivers.

For the Headphone & Tablet category, he revealed that the most sought-after products are supports and tripods for smartphones, power banks, and data cables.

The health category also increased by 2.5 times compared to the previous period. Masks and face shields are said to be the most sought-after health products for consumers on the Tokopedia platform.

Home Activity Triggers Significant Transactions for Other Categories

Apart from the above categories, work and study at home activities also increase transactions in a number of other categories. One of them is the category of computers and laptops with the most purchased products are wi-fi extenders, laptop desks, mice, webcams, and headsets.

Then during this pandemic, people were motivated to read more. In the book category, several types of books, such as self-development, education, religion, and fiction, are the most popular products.

Sports activities are also popular activities, as evidenced by the significant sales of sports products. “Cycling, yoga and pilates, roller skating and skateboarding, golf and table tennis triggered significant increases during the third quarter,” said Nuraini.

Beauty and Fashion Category Still Interested

During the pandemic period, public awareness to keep taking care of themselves contributed to an increase in transactions in the Body Care category. Tokopedia noted that the increase has more than doubled.

In addition, for the Beauty category, the most sought-after products are local facial serums, creams, and facial cleansers. Even one of the activists in a local facial care product business, Aubree Skin, experienced a 10-fold increase in transactions from July to September 2020.

As for the Men’s and Women’s Fashion categories, some of the most popular products are t-shirts, shorts, eyewear accessories, watches, nightgowns and underwear. As for the Muslim fashion category, worship equipment, headscarves, and robes are the best selling products.

“The key to coping with a pandemic is to keep adapting by continuing to innovate and collaborate. Through a commitment to Always There Always Can, through collaboration with strategic partners, Tokopedia is here to make it easier for people to find whatever is needed,” said Nuranini ending his statement.

Based on a MarkPlus survey of 500 respondents during July-September, most chose Shopee and Tokopedia during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because the two companies offer a number of promotions.

The survey shows that more consumers are choosing to shop for digital products such as pulses and data packages at Shopee and Tokopedia. Meanwhile, to buy clothing, beauty products, and accessories, Shopee and Lazada are more preferred.