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President University Establishes a Partnership with Startup Cakap

President University Establishes a Partnership with Startup Cakap

Cakap, an educational startup for online learning application developers with two-way interaction, officially collaborates with President University to provide access to online learning, including holding webinars, for President University students and prospective students.

Both Cakap and President University believe that webinars are an effective way to meet the skill needs needed in today’s jobs. The activity, which officially began on October 11, presented a webinar entitled, “Learning Foreign Languages ​​is the Key to Achieving Scholarships”.

President University Establishes a Partnership with Startup Cakap

The first session of the webinar discussed the importance of proficiency in foreign languages ​​in obtaining scholarships brought by English teachers from Cakap, Allegra Kartika, and Channy Anasthasia, an academic advisor from President University.

During the session, the participants were given training on how to ‘sell’ the positive side and achievements in foreign languages ​​in order to get scholarships. In addition, Cakap and President University are trying to increase awareness of the importance of the ability to communicate in foreign languages ​​to increase job opportunities in the future.

President University Aims to Become a Center for Foreign Language Studies in Indonesia

President University Cooperation Director Michael Rino said President University has foreign students from 17 countries and aims to become a center for foreign language studies in Indonesia. The collaboration between President University and Cakap is expected to accelerate this, especially as a digital foreign language center.

“President University believes that through a series of collaborative activities with Cakap it can foster the enthusiasm of learning a foreign language for students and students to carry out their obligations to study,” Michael said in a press release, Sunday (11/10).

President University Establishes a Partnership with Startup Cakap

This collaboration is a form of Cakap’s support for President University in providing an effective and efficient learning platform to realize its vision of becoming a superior university, which is able to produce leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit based on a multicultural mindset and global outlook.

By holding a free webinar event, every month Cakap and President University are targeting 100 participants from high school students, fresh graduates, to first jobs to attend the event. Meanwhile, Cakap Vice President of Business Development Cecilia Ong added, Cakap believes that with the collaboration between the nation’s edtech and educational institutions, the synergy and impact on the education industry will be even greater.

“The plan for the event this time is not only to increase participants ‘insights and share but also to prepare and increase participants’ understanding that getting scholarship opportunities abroad is not a coincidence as long as they are able to understand the keys to applying the correct strategy to obtain these opportunities,” he said.

Previously, Cakap and Protelindo Provided English Language Training for Students

The Cakap platform collaborates with PT Profesional Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Protellindo) to provide scholarships for early career journey and TOEFL preparation training to 4 campuses, namely Bandar Lampung University, Bina Darma University, UKI Toraja, and Musamus University. As many as 50 students are targeted to take part in the training program which will start in October 2020.

Protelindo Marketing Communication Manager, Okky Brahman Arimurti said, through this 7-month program, his party hopes that it will be useful for students to enter the world of work. The two parties also initiated free English learning activities for students in Medan, Deli Serdang, Bandung, Surabaya and Semarang.

President University Establishes a Partnership with Startup Cakap

“This program will start in mid-October and will last for 6 months. By teaching general English material, it is targeted to be able to help 100 people improve English language skills for elementary to high school students,” he explained.

During 2020, Cakap has collaborated with several institutions, private companies and organizations. One of them is the Cinta Anak Bangsa Foundation (YCAB), a non-profit organization that focuses on building independence for underprivileged youth through education and economic empowerment.