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Pintaria and UNSIA Offer Online Undergraduate Tuition of IDR 3 Million

Pintaria and UNSIA Offer Online Undergraduate Tuition of IDR 3 Million

At the inauguration ceremony of the Asian Cyber ​​University (UNSIA) recently on September 22, 2020, Vice President KH. Ma’ruf Amin said that online tuition is one way to increase the GER for higher education in Indonesia because it can be accessed from anywhere and at a relatively affordable cost.

The gross enrollment rate (APK) for higher education in Indonesia in 2018 reached 31 percent. In comparison, Malaysia has a higher education GER 38 percent and GER in Singapore reaches 78 percent.

In Indonesia, a number of universities have actually conducted blended learning courses, which combine online and face-to-face lectures. This was done to support the government’s mission in increasing the higher education APK. UNSIA opens 5 excellent study programs, namely S-1 Accounting, S-1 Informatics, S-1 Communication, S-1 Management and S-1 Information Systems.

Pintaria and UNSIA Offer Online Undergraduate Tuition of IDR 3 Million

Lectures at UNSIA allow students to access online learning materials from anywhere, anytime, with a choice of majors that are claimed to be needed by the industry. UNSIA Rector, Prof. Jang Youn Cho, Ph.D, CPA in his speech said that UNSIA is expected to be able to open access to higher education in Indonesia widely.

Therefore, online tuition is perfect for high school / equivalent students who have just graduated and want to go to college and get many opportunities for internships or workers who want to study while working.

“By implementing the system and quality standards for universities in South Korea and the United States, UNSIA is expected to provide opportunities for young people in Indonesia to access quality higher education without being hindered by distance and time,” said Cho, in a written statement by Pintaria, Wednesday (10 / 7/2020).

Partnering with Industry

In practice, UNSIA also partners with various industry associations such as the Korean SMEs Association and the Korean Garment Manufacturer Association to ensure that the education curriculum is in line with industry needs.

On this occasion, Pintaria participated in supporting online lectures at UNSIA, namely becoming an official partner of UNSIA. The online education platform that has collaborated with dozens of other universities is the government’s official partner in the Pre-Work Card program.

It has been established in 2018 and recruits hundreds of thousands of students for its partners, both university partners and training institutions. Previously, Pintaria had partnered with universities in Jabodetabek and Bandung to hold blended learning courses.

Pintaria and UNSIA Offer Online Undergraduate Tuition of IDR 3 Million

Currently, anyone from any city can register as a student at UNSIA at an affordable cost, which is IDR 3 million per semester, including the installment scheme option. Lectures for the 2020/2021 odd semester will start on October 26, 2020.

Getting to know Pintaria, HarukaEdu’s Learning Portal

Pintaria is HarukaEDU’s lifelong learning portal that offers online and blended learning products as well as various courses and training programs for individuals. There are various categories that people can choose to increase their knowledge and skills. HarukaEDU itself is an education portal (education) for the Indonesian people.

HarukaEDU itself was founded in 2013 by professionals and academics. HarukaEDU has a vision of preparing a better future for the Indonesian people through access to high-quality, flexible, and easily accessible online education anywhere and anytime.

Pintaria and UNSIA Offer Online Undergraduate Tuition of IDR 3 Million

The company also partners to conduct online lectures with a number of universities, companies and institutions. For universities, the services provided by HarukaEDU consist of IT system development, online content, help centers, operations, to the recruitment of students and lecturers.

One of the colleges that have partnered with HarukaEDU is the Harapan Bangsa Institute of Technology, the London School of Public Relations, Al Azhar University Indonesia, and the Indonesian Christian University.

For companies and institutions, HarukaEDU also has CorporateEDU which companies can use to organize training for their employees flexibly and efficiently, without being constrained by distance and time through online learning. One of HarukaEDU’s partners is Astra International, Indomaret, and Indosat Ooredoo.