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Pandemic Brings New Trends, IndoHobi.id Unites the Hobbies World

Pandemic Brings New Trends, IndoHobi.id Unites the Hobbies World

The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit almost the entire world in the last eight months has an impact on all walks of life. In order to prevent transmission, at least since early April 2020, almost all activities of everyone have to be carried out from inside the house. No exception to hobby activities which are generally mostly done outside the room. Like it or not, it must be done from inside the house.

However, it turns out that this condition has not stopped some people from pursuing hobby activities. In fact, it has become an alternative activity in the midst of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB). From inside the house, people are able to go through the pandemic with activities that are positive in tone.

Pandemic Brings New Trends, IndoHobi.id Unites the Hobbies World

As a result, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many new hobby trends that were loved by the wider community. Among them that are currently viral are trends in gardening hobbies, ornamental plant collections, and betta fish cultivation which can both be done from within the home.

As stated by the Founder & CEO of Startup IndoHobi.id, Andy Hariyanto, every human being instinctively has more than one hobby that has been popular throughout his life. So do not be surprised if the hobbies of ornamental plants and betta fish are included in the trend cycle of hobbies that are popular with Indonesians.

Ornamental Plants and Betta Fish are Back in Popular Community

In line with this, the owner of the Tanam Teduh Gallery, Ready Febrian, said that the hobby of ornamental plants is again loved by the community. One of them has implications for the psychological effects of people who want to stay healthy with positive activities amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

“Because gardening and planting plants definitely require physical activity. Then when the plants begin to flourish, there are also visual effects that unconsciously lead a person to remain relaxed, calm thoughts, and so on. So that indirectly this activity can have a positive effect on one’s mental health, “said the man who opened a plant gallery in the Indonesian Orchid Garden Permai.

Pandemic Brings New Trends, IndoHobi.id Unites the Hobbies World

Owner of King Betta Fish 21 Agung Priyono explained, the hobby of collecting and cultivating betta fish has also returned to prominence because it is more or less affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to him, entertainment facilities and recreational arenas that were not opened during the PSBB policy made people rack their brains to create alternative recreational facilities in the house.

“Now betta fish are more widely known for their collection as ornamental fish because of their beautiful color patterns. Immediately raising Betta fish is like having cheap entertainment attractions that can be enjoyed from inside the house,” explained the hobbyist who also breeds Betta fish.

Uniting Indonesia’s Hobbyist World

However, seeing that Indonesia’s hobby world does not have a place that can be easily accessed by the wider community, made Andy Hariyanto moved to create a special hobby platform that can be accessed online. Through the IndoHobi.id platform, the hobbyist community can meet directly with fellow hobbyists they like through smartphone applications or websites.

Pandemic Brings New Trends, IndoHobi.id Unites the Hobbies World

Not only that, IndoHobi.id also offers various features needed by hobbyists ranging from; a marketplace feature that can be a means of buying/selling hobby equipment, a hobby club feature as a means for discussion, and an online social media event.

Indohobi.id is also a platform for hobby auctions to auction off certain hobby items that have a high value and a limited amount, hobby advertisements, hobby centers, to the IndoHobi Escrow Service feature as a trusted payment service such as the joint account feature.