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Dropezy Offers Delivery Service for Daily Shopping

Dropezy Offers Delivery Service for Daily Shopping

Increasing the trend of online shopping has led the startup Dropezy to launch a shopping delivery service that focuses on groceries and household necessities. This Dropezy service is a recurring delivery service in micro quantities, which means that consumers can order small quantities starting from one product, with shipping costs that are claimed to be affordable.

This ‘micro’ concept was deliberately chosen to suit the shopping preferences of consumers in Indonesia, who like the subscription system. Based on Nielsen’s research during the pandemic, 71% of Indonesians shop for fresh food daily.

Dropezy Offers Delivery Service for Daily Shopping

The results of the Redseer reset also show that 80% of Indonesians prefer to shop online for groceries and daily groceries rather than crowd offline locations, and 60% of them will continue to do so even after the pandemic.

According to Dropezy, this service makes consumers no longer need to pile up food stock in the refrigerator or leave the house every day to shop, because they provide a variety of daily necessities and fresh food ingredients.

“Shopping for basic necessities every day is not only a waste of time but also money and effort. Through Dropezy, consumers can order all the products they need online, from their respective homes. We apply very affordable shipping costs, and even free for certain transactions so that consumers do not have to worry about ordering multiple times, even in small quantities,” said Chandni Chainani, Co-founder of Dropezy in a statement.

Get Funding in the Midst of the Pandemic

To ensure the quality and freshness of fruit and vegetables, Dropezy takes products directly from farmers, traditional markets, and B2B distributors. Likewise, with non-food products, this company partners directly with authorized distributors and only takes products that meet high standards.

“Because our distribution model distributes products directly from distributors to consumers, Dropezy can implement a competitive pricing strategy. We want to be a sustainable platform, where we provide the best prices to attract as many consumers as possible, without the need to ‘burn money’,” said Nitesh. Chellaram, Co-founder of Dropezy.

Dropezy Offers Delivery Service for Daily Shopping

In a pandemic situation that makes it difficult for startup companies to obtain funding, Dropezy has received investment from several angel investors who are the founders of well-known startups in the technology, e-commerce and fintech sectors, in an undisclosed amount.

According to the startup, which was first launched in 2019, this funding shows the huge potential and positive impact that Dropezy can provide, given the pandemic situation that drives the growth of online shopping.

In addition, Dropezy has launched a private label for egg products and disinfectant solutions. This strategy aims to increase market growth and target Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sales.

Will Release More Private Labels for Staple Products

It is planned that Dropezy will also release more private labels for staple products, such as tofu, tempeh, sugar and coffee. To realize the company’s planning, Dropezy is currently in the seed round fundraising stage.

According to research firm IGD, Indonesia is expected to record an annual growth of up to 80% in the grocery delivery sector by 2022. Going forward, Chandni and Nitesh plan to introduce several new innovations, including application launches, more varied delivery slots, and a subscription-based shopping system.

Dropezy Offers Delivery Service for Daily Shopping

With this system, consumers can schedule any products they want to be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Payment of subscription fees will be deducted automatically from the consumer’s balance, making it more practical and time-saving.

Founded by Chandni Chainani and Nitesh Chellaram in 2019, Dropezy is targeting busy housewives or working women to shop for household needs directly from farmers and distributors. Currently Dropezy is only operating in the Jakarta area. Dropezy has received investments from a number of angel investors for an undisclosed amount.