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Tokocrypto Encourages Crypto Asset Education Through TokoScholars Initiative

Tokocrypto Encourages Crypto Asset Education Through TokoScholars Initiative

The increasingly familiar use of blockchain technology has created a bigger market. However, the understanding of this technology and its derivatives is still relatively low among the Indonesian people.

Tokocrypto Encourages Crypto Asset Education Through TokoScholars Initiative

Tokocrypto, a crypto asset marketplace platform, spawned a new initiative to provide education related to the blockchain ecosystem, named “TokoScholars”.

The initiative began with a project that provided benefits to students who succeeded in inviting other students to join a referral activity.

As the Tokocrypto ecosystem develops, this initiative is deemed necessary to be appointed as a separate program for pure education that provides structured and effective content beyond the hype of coin prices on the market.

Interest in investing in crypto assets in Indonesia has also proven to be increasing. Based on data from CoFTRA, the number of crypto investors as of February 2022 has exceeded 12.4 million investors. The total transaction value of crypto assets has reached IDR 83.88 trillion from January to February this year.

Lead of TokoScholars by Tokocrypto Dimas Surya Al-Faruq revealed that blockchain technology has actually been used in Indonesia since the early generations of its development. However, it is still focused on financial transaction applications.

“In fact, the potential is to help other sectors in Indonesia that are still lagging behind, such as agriculture and health. It takes in-depth research to develop blockchain and crypto assets in Indonesia,” said Dimas.

Tokocrypto Encourages Crypto Asset Education Through TokoScholars Initiative

Inclusive Crypto-Asset Education

TokoScholars has started to become the parent of every Tokocrypto initiative related to education since the end of 2021.

Starting from collaboration with various parties to support crypto-asset education, the Cryptoversity application, to TokoVerse, the presence of TokoScholars is expected to be the main channel for the community to fully learn about blockchain and crypto-assets.

Recently, Tokocrypto through TokoScholars launched a crypto and blockchain asset research funding program in Indonesia called the “Tokocrypto Researcher Grants”.

This research funding program is open to Indonesians with a minimum of education currently running a master’s degree program.

Dimas also revealed that one of the reasons for holding the Tokocrypto Researcher Grants program is that research development in Indonesia itself is still low, especially in the crypto field.

Tokocrypto as an industry driver wants to encourage this development. For research proposals that are registered, they are required to be able to provide benefits to the crypto ecosystem in Indonesia and Tokocrypto.

In this inaugural program, Tokocrypto provides funds of Rp. 100 million for the two best-selected studies. Of course, Tokocrypto will facilitate data-related needs or discussions with experts in their ecosystem. Regarding the disbursed funds, his party did not provide further information about who was involved.

Dimas also revealed that one of the reasons why many people have the wrong view and even fall for crypto assets is the amount of viral information that focuses on instant profits without an understanding of the basis of this asset.

Therefore, through TokoScholars, he hopes that this can be an inclusive educational program related to the world of blockchain and crypto-assets.

From a business perspective, Dimas has not been able to share many things, but his team is currently working hard to develop each initiative.

Tokocrypto Encourages Crypto Asset Education Through TokoScholars Initiative

Can Drive the Digital Economy in Indonesia

According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, blockchain technology together with 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and cloud computing can drive Indonesia’s digital economy to shoot up to IDR 4,531 trillion by 2030.

In addition to providing research funding, for the purpose of increasing market growth and crypto literacy in Indonesia, TokoScholars has also collaborated with the Merdeka Campus program to accommodate capacity-building initiatives and on-the-job training for Indonesian students.

They also collaborates with various universities in Indonesia, such as Telkom University and Gadjah Mada University.

This collaboration aims to establish a blockchain and crypto-asset innovation center, as well as the recently held signing of an MoU in collaboration with the Vocational Faculty of the Indonesian Christian University to build a blockchain ecosystem in the campus environment by presenting the Crypto Corner.