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Through Duitin, Inorganic Waste Can Become Money

Through Duitin, Inorganic Waste Can Become Money

Garbage waste can turn out to be a business field for startup companies. By offering a garbage collection feature, startups engaged in waste collection and management can make a fortune. This is what Duitin, a waste collection startup, does, especially inorganic waste. Moreover, the inorganic waste collection campaign – including waste sorting – is still reverberating today.

Adijoyo Prakoso, Chief Operation Officer of Duitin, explained that the startup, which has been operating since July 2020, has recycled a total of 70 tons of waste. Most of it is in the form of cardboard or paper waste. Apart from paper or cardboard waste, waste that can be recycled is plastic, glass, and used cooking oil.

Through Duitin, Inorganic Waste Can Become Money

Through Duitin, users will benefit from sorting waste, especially inorganic waste. Because, after the waste is sorted, Duitin’s partners will immediately come to the residence of the user who collects the waste to be collected and purchased at a price according to the type of waste.

Selling Trash through the Duitin Application

This can all be done if the user has downloaded the Duitin application. In this application, users can sell inorganic waste that they have sorted with a minimum weight of three kilograms. Then, the garbage pick-up team from Duitin named Duitin picker will pick up the trash.

After weighing it, the waste will be appreciated by Duitin. For example, plastic waste is IDR 1,500 per kilogram (kg), cardboard or other paper waste IDR 1,000 per kg, glass waste IDR 300 per kg, used cooking oil IDR 2,500 per kg, aluminum can IDR 3,500 per kg, and multi-layer box IDR 250 per kg.

Garbage collectors will get a reward in the form of Duitin Coin according to the results of garbage collection. However, the sales proceeds still have to be cut by 20% for Duitin the picker.

Through Duitin, Inorganic Waste Can Become Money

Duitin users can use Duitin Coin to purchase credit, internet data packages, electricity tokens, or can be cashed into their bank accounts. “So, Duitin’s work system is similar to an online motorcycle taxi, consumers just have to wait,” said Adijoyo.

Until now, Duitin’s services have been around Jabodetabek. In addition, there are also in Cirebon, Kuningan, Semarang and Kupang. Only this year specifically, Duitin will further optimize services on the island of Java. Meanwhile, for business partners, there are 15 partners.

Then, the number of garbage collectors is 1,200 Duitin pickers. And, the users of this application reach 100,000 users, with 75% around Jakarta. Adijoyo hopes that Duitin users will increase. Heru Sutandi, a digital observer, suggested that Duitin should also give rewards in the form of money so that more users will be generated.

Supporting the Spirit of National Waste Care Day

No need to think further in reflecting on the spirit of the National Waste Care Day which falls every February 21. The reason is, you can also take the “goodness baton” to concretely process waste more wisely.

Through Duitin, Inorganic Waste Can Become Money

Starting from yourself, the first step you can take is getting used to sorting out the trash at home. Normalizing this agenda is even more exciting, considering that many parties offer some kind of incentive-based on the type of waste collected.

Three of them, namely Mountrash, Duitin, and Waste4Change. Hana Nur Auliana, Waste4Change’s Head of Communication & Engagement, explained that giving rewards is one way to increase the number of community participation in sorting and collecting recycled waste.

Many Duitin users see rewards as bonuses, the main perspective is participating in #GerakanDaurUlang itself. His party also initiated badges as a form of achievement that can be shared on social media. However, it is inevitable that some are still looking for incentives in sorting waste. So, when there is no incentive or the value is less attractive, they no longer sort the waste.