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Pintaria’s Method to Gain Participants in Kartu Prakerja Program

Pintaria’s Method to Gain Participants in Kartu Prakerja Program

Edtech startup partner of the Pre-Work Card program, Pintaria, is again holding a program titled #LagiLagiMendadakHits by preparing prizes of 500 units of Samsung smartphones worth IDR 2 million each.

This step follows the success of a similar program at the end of 2020 and is a way for companies to attract more participants in courses or training in Pintaria from March 2 to April 31, 2021.

Pintaria’s Method to Gain Participants in Kartu Prakerja Program

“We hope this program can increase public interest in completing courses held in the Kartu Prakerja program in order to increase participants’ knowledge and skills,” said Novistiar Rustandi, CEO at Pintaria in a press release.

Prizes will be given to participants who have accumulated the most points from purchasing the course. One point is equivalent to IDR 1 for the course fees taken by participants. Participants can collect points by transacting using either the pre-work balance or personal funds.

In addition, participants can also collect points from sharing referral codes with their friends to take courses at Pintaria. The government is currently opening up opportunities for around 2.7 million people to take part in the Pre-Work program in the first semester of 2021, which is currently entering its 14th wave.

Benefits of Kartu Prakerja Program

The benefits of this program include the quota for purchasing courses on the program partner’s platform worth IDR 1 million and incentives worth IDR 600 thousand per month for four months, if you have completed the course.

As one of the Pre-Work Card program partners, Pintaria offers convenience in making transactions, so that participants can immediately receive certificates for completion of courses and incentives from the government.

Pintaria’s Method to Gain Participants in Kartu Prakerja Program

To use the Kartu Prakerja at Pintaria, participants can register via the ‘Register’ menu and enter their personal data. Then participants can choose various kinds of courses at Pintaria on various topics such as digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and others.

After that, participants need to re-enter their personal data and registered Kartu Prakerja number. Courses can also be accessed directly on the ‘My Classes’ page and done online.

Novistiar added that as an educational service provider platform for Pre-Work Card recipients, Pintaria offers convenience in transactions so that participants can immediately receive certificates and incentives from the government.

Not only that, until now he offers hundreds of interesting and useful courses such as Courses to Become a Massage / Massage Expert and Earn Money, Learn and Start a Mobile Service Business, Open Air Conditioning Services, and many more from various quality and trusted training institutions.

“We are a lifelong learning educational platform that not only provides courses but has also been known previously as a provider of online lecture and blended learning services,” concluded Novistiar.

Get to Know the Pintaria Platform

Pintaria is part of HarukaEdu’s lifelong learning portal. It offers online and blended learning products as well as various courses and training programs for individuals. Users can find various categories to choose to increase their skills and knowledge.

HarukaEDU itself is an education (education) portal for the Indonesian people. HarukaEDU itself was founded in 2013 by professionals as well as academics. HarukaEDU has the vision to prepare a better future for the Indonesian people through access to high-quality, flexible, and easily accessible online education anywhere and anytime.

Pintaria’s Method to Gain Participants in Kartu Prakerja Program

The company also partners to hold online lectures with a number of universities, companies and institutions. For universities, the services provided by HarukaEDU consist of IT system development, online content, help centers, operations, to the recruitment of students and lecturers.

Harapan Bangsa Institute of Technology, the London School of Public Relations, Al Azhar University Indonesia, and the Indonesian Christian University are several universities in Indonesia that collaborate with HarukaEdu.

HarukaEDU also also has a program called CorporateEDU where companies can use to organize training for their employees flexibly and efficiently, without being constrained by distance and time through online learning.