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Indonesian agritech startups are something that many people should know. Because it can be the basic foundation for the economic development of the Indonesian people.
Agritech Startup Eratani Gets Initial Funding of 23 Billion Rupiah
Gokomodo Enliven Agritech Industry Competition in Indonesia
TaniHub Chooses to Focus on B2B Segments to Increase Harvest Uptake
ARIA Agritech Startup Ambition to Create a New Generation of Farmers in Indonesia
Three Potential Local Agritech Startups to Become Unicorns
Kredivo Distributes Loans to MSMEs in the Fishery Agribusiness Sector
Startup Eden Farm is Ready to Expand with Pre-Series A Funding
Kemendes Collaborates with Ekosis to Promote Farmers and Fishermen’s Welfare