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Kedai Sayur Releases KedaiMart to Serve Daily Needs Shopping


Entering 2021, agritech startup Kedai Sayur launched the KedaiMart application with the concept of “Supermarket in Your Pocket”. This application can be an option for shopping for daily necessities without having to leave the house.

“Recognizing the rapid evolution of today’s people’s lifestyle, especially the younger generation, we want to create a supporting ecosystem to complement the existing business units at Kedai Sayur,” said Adrian Hernanto, CEO at Kedai Sayur Indonesia.

Kedai Sayur Releases KedaiMart to Serve Daily Needs Shopping

Adrian also appointed Natalie Djuhandi as Product Owner at KedaiMart, which he said could bridge the company’s products with the next generation of users, as well as “prepare for shifting market demographics and migrate their lifestyle to shop for groceries online.”

For a minimum purchase of IDR 150,000, the KedaiMart application offers free shipping and delivery is made in the morning directly to the user’s home. Products sold at KedaiMart include basic necessities, fresh products such as vegetables and fruit, dry goods, flowers and plants, to sanitary products.

“I fully believe that KedaiMart provides solutions for the community to meet their grocery shopping needs efficiently and safely,” said Natalie. In fact, Natalie ensures that even post-epidemic, KedaiMart will continue to develop in line with the lifestyle of people who are increasingly accustomed to digital platforms.

“This concept will continue to develop, and we hope that KedaiMart’s services can be available in all regions of Indonesia,” said Natalie. The KedaiMart application can be downloaded via the Google Playstore and the App Store. For the time being, service coverage includes the Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) areas.

The Demand for Kedai Sayur Indonesia Soars during the Pandemic

Kedai Sayur Indonesia has experienced a sharp increase in demand for B2C consumers or home consumers in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This shifting demand made Kedai Sayur swiftly change its business flow and launch a new service, namely B2C to meet market demand.

The B2C service in the form of the Kedaisayur-Sayur and Lauk Pauk Online application has been officially launched by Kedai Sayur and can be downloaded for free on the Playstore and Appstore.

Kedai Sayur Releases KedaiMart to Serve Daily Needs Shopping

Not only through the application, but people can also get fresh products from Kedai Sayur through the Tokopedia Official Store and Blibli.com. These new app is expected to provide an alternative for the community to meet food needs during the pandemic.

Kedai Sayur also has strategies and steps to deal with the high demand for B2C consumers, including conducting high demand product analysis, pricing control, ensuring stock availability directly from the source, tightening quality control, and so on.

Currently, Kedai Sayur has two Distribution Centers (DC) located in Setu, East Jakarta and Cipondoh, Tangerang, with a supply of fresh food products from more than 30 vendors consisting of farmers, wholesale markets and local markets.

Giving Donations to the Community

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit, Kedai Sayur also has a high attention to the people who are directly affected by the pandemic, namely daily workers who have lost their income or employees who have been laid off. One form of attention to them is a donation package worth IDR 100,000, consisting of vegetables and groceries.

Kedai Sayur Releases KedaiMart to Serve Daily Needs Shopping

Kedai Sayur also sorts potential donation recipients by the criteria of living or working in the red zone and the income has stopped. Kedai Sayur hopes that all services provided can make a positive contribution to society.

Apart from B2B and B2C services, Kedai Sayur also has a special service called Mitra Sayur. Mitra Sayur is a vegetable trader, both mobile traders, stalls, or kiosks who are consumers of Kedai Sayur.

This service was launched for the first time since Kedai Sayur was founded with the vision of helping vegetable traders increase their business. Currently, there are more than 7 thousand vegetable traders who have joined Kedai Sayur’s partners and have felt a positive impact on their business.