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Supporting MSME Growth, Youtap Launches Business Partner Program

Supporting MSME Growth, Youtap Launches Business Partner Program

To be able to accelerate digitization and give birth to the growth of new MSMEs, in its second year Youtap launched a program called “Youtap Business Partners”.

Supporting MSME Growth, Youtap Launches Business Partner Program

Through this program, those who want to have their own business can take advantage of the various products and services presented by Youtap. Among them are loyalty programs, Youtap Academy, to marketing service packages.

With technology that has been integrated into various payment access and supply chain processes that are complete on the platform, this service is expected to be able to embrace more new MSME players.

To date, Youtap services have been used by more than 264 thousand merchants spread across 520 cities/districts throughout Indonesia.

Through this program Youtap also provides education to business actors who want to launch and grow their business. Accompanied by the team, relevant input will be provided, from data to insights owned by Youtap.

To launch their marketing activities, Youtap also provides marketing packages such as logo creation for social media, which can be utilized by new business actors.

“Youtap Business Partner is an aggregator service that can help everyone to start a business. By joining as a Youtap merchant, we will provide broad access needed by business actors. We will also launch a loyalty program to merchants,” said Herman.

Supporting MSME Growth, Youtap Launches Business Partner Program

Focus On Supply Chain Services

After previously focusing as a developer of e-money processing and point-of-sales applications, this year Youtap is starting to seriously explore the provision of integrated supply chain services to accelerate digital adoption of MSMEs.

Previously Youtap has launched the Stock Shopping feature. Through this feature, business actors no longer need to leave their homes or close their shops to shop for business goods.

Youtap has also presented Business Tablet products and a customer loyalty platform. This innovation is expected to boost merchants to 1 million this year.

Asked what was the main reason Youtap started targeting supply chain provision, Herman emphasized that this option was actually a plan for the company, taking advantage of the connections they already had with banks, financial institutions, e-money and many others.

“What distinguishes Youtap from other players who also offer supply chain services is our wide connections. Starting from payment and POS, in the future Youtap wants to provide end-to-end solutions for merchant enterprises to MSMEs,” said Herman.

He added that one of the challenges of supply chains in the country today is digitizing all processes, making it easier for business actors such as MSMEs to adopt technology.

To be able to go to this process, education and of course a deeper understanding of MSME actors are needed to immediately carry out all processes digitally. Such as financial records and others, which can later be useful for them when adding business capital.

Supporting MSME Growth, Youtap Launches Business Partner Program

Stock Shopping Features / Youtap

One of the supporting factors that accelerates Youtap’s innovation is the use of their internal research team. Seeing trends and data and input from enterprise merchants to MSMEs, Youtap can produce innovations in the form of products and features that are relevant to their users.

Big data from their merchants is also a very relevant source for Youtap, when it is processed and turned into information. Youtap claims to have started to enter as an entity that processes data, insights which are then shared with their ecosystem.

“One of the integrations that we have done is with BreadLIfe, which is our merchant enterprise and is currently a supplier to MSME merchants who need products such as bread and others. This activity can be done using data which we then process,” said Herman.

As a platform that focuses on business players, Youtap has the ambition to be able to provide services to all businesses, from small, medium to micro.

Currently, Youtap’s technology has also been used by large F&B companies such as McDonald’s, Dominos Pizza to Burger King. However, it is possible that this technology can be passed down to other small and medium business actors.