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Parentalk Acquires Educational Platform Parenting Good Enough Parents

Parentalk Acquires Educational Platform Parenting Good Enough Parents

The digital parenting community platform, Parentalk, announced its business expansion by acquiring Good Enough Parents, a web-based educational platform for today’s parents.

Parentalk Acquires Educational Platform Parenting Good Enough Parents

The company expressed its ambition to build a complete ecosystem to assist parents and families in Indonesia.

Founder & CEO of Parentalk Nucha Bachri admitted that not only presenting content that is relevant to the conditions that are often faced by parents, Parentalk also always presents a community ecosystem that can help broaden horizons and experiences as well as provide solutions.

To continue to grow in the success of the mission that we carry, Parentalk wants to be able to grow together with a community platform with a similar mission to provide more complete support for Indonesian families.

“In this case, we see Good Enough Parents carry the same mission and passion to support parents to continue to grow and learn,” he said.

Damar Wahyu Wijayanti as one of the founders of Good Enough Parents said “We are very enthusiastic to be a part of Parentalk and connect with more parents who are already loyal followers of Parentalk.”

The company hopes that the presence of Good Enough Parents can facilitate Indonesian families in providing the best care for their children’s growth and development.

Parentalk Acquires Educational Platform Parenting Good Enough Parents

GEP Provides Learning Platform for Parents

The family is the first and foremost place for the growth and development of a child, so the role and function of the family becomes very important and responsible for the growth and development of children.

Good Enough Parents (GEP) is a learning platform for parents to become adults who are ready to accompany their children’s growth and development and learning.

GEP has a continuous learning method, helping parents to raise awareness about their role in children’s growth and development, capturing information in its entirety and turning it into a parenting skill.

GEP classes are designed to convey information/knowledge more efficiently and flexibly for parents. Prices are set to take classes offered by GEP ranging from Rp. 85 thousand to Rp. 450 thousand for access for 8 weeks.

In addition, parents will also receive facilities such as learning videos, workbooks, PDF materials, and discussion forums to deepen understanding or ask questions related to household issues.

Every material available on this platform comes from experts who already have certifications in their fields. Damar himself is a practitioner and educator who has a Montessori education diploma, an educational method popularized by a physician and educator, in the early 1900s, Dr. Maria Montessori

This method emphasizes the independence and activity of children with the concept of direct learning through collaborative practice and games to be able to achieve their potential in life.

Nucha also revealed that the reason Parentalk chose GEP as a partner was because they have the same values, that being a parent is a learning process.

In addition, Parentalk’s investment in Good Enough Parents is expected to be able to build a multi-platform ecosystem that is able to provide comprehensive information, solutions and experiences both through digital platforms and communal spaces created from various communities with their respective expertise.

Parentalk Acquires Educational Platform Parenting Good Enough Parents

Five Years Of Parentalk Business

Established since 2017, Parentalk stems from the anxiety of young parents, including the founder, in determining a good parenting pattern for children.

Armed with content on social media (at the time Instagram), Nucha and his team managed to achieve organic growth of 40% in the first year.

Until now, Parentalk has been present on various platforms such as Youtube, Spotify (podcast) and Tiktok. Parentalk positions itself as a digital content creator.

In presenting content, the team prioritizes content that addresses family daily life, not only information and knowledge about child development but also husband and wife relationships and household dynamics.

This makes Parentalk very relevant to various family segments in Indonesia. As a data driven company, it also admits that every content created is based on research that has been adapted to user demographics.

In a press conference held online (9/3), Michael Tampi, who also serves as Co-Founder of Parentalk, was also present. He explained that there is still a huge market potential for platforms like Parentalk in Indonesia.