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Supporting Indonesian Farmers, Bank BJB Cooperates with PT Crowde

Supporting Indonesian Farmers, Bank BJB Cooperates with PT Crowde

Bank bjb together with PT Crowde Building the Nation also called Crowde agreed on a cooperation agreement for KUR Distribution through the Linkage System. CROWDE is an agriculture-focused fintech startup that empowers Indonesian farmers with technology and capital.

Supporting Indonesian Farmers, Bank BJB Cooperates with PT Crowde

This partnership bond is tied through the signing of the Cooperation for the Distribution of People’s Business Credit (KUR) to Crowde partners spread throughout Indonesia and especially the West Java and Banten regions, on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

The signing of the collaboration was carried out by the Head of the MSME Credit Division, Denny Mulyadi, with the Co-Founder and CEO of Crowde, Yohanes Sugihtononugroho.

The signing of the PKS was also attended by Commercial and MSME Director Nancy Adistyasari, Executive Business Officer Yogi Yogiswara, Daan Mogot Branch Manager Dian Kurniawan, Regional IV Commercial and MSME Group Leader, and a team from Crowde.

Crowde is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform made by Indonesian children and has been present in Indonesia since 2015 which aims to improve the welfare of farmers in Indonesia.

Crowde was officially established and domiciled in South Jakarta with a Notary Deed of Establishment in 2016. Crowde is based at Jl Tebet Raya Number 34 Blok A Persil No 04 RT 09/04 Tebet, South Jakarta, Jakarta Postal Code 12820

Crowde has a business plan for distributing KUR to Indonesian farmers of IDR 936 billion in 2022, and October to December 2021 of IDR 20 billion which will be distributed in collaboration with bank bjb.

Supporting Indonesian Farmers, Bank BJB Cooperates with PT Crowde

The Commodities to be Financed Are Rice Farming, Chili, and Other Commodities

Director of Commercial and UMKM Nancy Adistyasari said this collaboration was part of a concrete form of bank bjb’s support for the national food security program promoted by the government, one of which was in the agricultural sector. 

In addition, as a business strategy for the MSME Credit Division through collaboration with Fintech companies, one of which is Crowde.

“We believe PT. Crowde Building the Nation can provide guidance, monitoring and supervision of farmers to produce better harvests. And the government also has no fear of the loss of the younger generation in the future who will focus on the agricultural sector,” explained Nancy.

He added that bank bjb is a regional bank that has a national scale and continues to innovate for the advancement of MSME players and improve people’s welfare.

“The cooperation in distributing KUR through institutions is a form of bank bjb’s contribution in ensuring the welfare of farmers and ensuring the continuity of their business both in terms of cultivation, supply of fertilizers, medicines, production until the results can run well and smoothly,” he said.

Supporting Indonesian Farmers, Bank BJB Cooperates with PT Crowde

Bank BJB Also Runs a Program for Assisting MSMEs

In addition to access to capital for fostered partner farmers, bank bjb also runs the Integrated Community Economic Empowerment Program. (fast) for farmers. This program provides intense assistance to MSME customers to develop.

“Bank bjb will also provide a pension program for Farmers or DPLK (Financial Institution Pension Fund). This is important for farmers to begin to understand so that their old age is guaranteed and prosperous, so if you are looking for farmers who have pensions, look in West Java & Banten and banks bjb” he said.

Bank bjb’s commitment in collaborating with various parties through capital injections is expected to encourage the progress of MSMEs for the better.

Met separately, the Head of the Corporate Secretary Division of bank bjb, Widi Hartoto, welcomed this collaboration. He said this financing was carried out as a form of bank bjb’scommitment in an effort to increase the welfare of Indonesian farmers.

“Bank bjb will continue to strengthen synergies with the government and the private sector in supporting the distribution of this People’s Business Credit. Bank bjb will also continue to expand the reach of KUR in order to provide more optimal benefits in efforts to recover the national economy,” said Widi.