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Strengthen Ecosystem, Yummy Corp. Acquires MyBrand

Strengthen Ecosystem, Yummy Corp. Acquires MyBrand

After securing Series B funding from Sembrani Nusantara owned by BRI Ventures in August 2021, Yummy Corp launched a strategic action by acquiring MyBrand.

Strengthen Ecosystem, Yummy Corp. Acquires MyBrand

That is a culinary social marketplace application that supports home-based MSMEs with sales and a reseller system. Previously, MyBrand were eight startups that were included in the third batch of Accelerating Asia’s accelerator program.

MyBrand is known as an application that is a place to support social media-based businesses so that it can be reached by the general public through a special marketplace application.

Through this application, users can choose restaurants from various online-based culinary business partners around the nearest location.

“We have the same vision and mission with MyBrand to help culinary business players, especially MSMEs, to more easily reach and serve their consumers with our technology,” said Yummy Corp Co-Founder & CEO Mario Suntanu.

This acquisition is believed to expand Yummy Corp’s reach to MSMEs in Indonesia to have access to a platform that supports their business growth.

This acquisition was also followed by the joining of the entire MyBrand team, including Louise Lautan as the founder who now occupies a strategic position as Managing Director at Yummy Corp.

Until now, merchants who are members of Yummyshop and MyBrand have reached 15,000 units throughout Indonesia. 

With this acquisition, it is hoped that this will be the beginning of the creation of more innovative technologies for the culinary industry next year, which of course will be able to provide features that address the needs of culinary business people in Indonesia.

Strengthen Ecosystem, Yummy Corp. Acquires MyBrand

Strengthening the Yummy Corp Ecosystem

As a food technology company engaged in providing food facilities, cloud kitchens, and supporting applications for SMEs to sell culinary products online, Yummy Corp has plans to strengthen the ecosystem.

So far, Yummy Corp. has operated more than 70 shared kitchens spread across Jadetabek, Medan and Bandung; in collaboration with more than 50 food and beverage brands such as Dailybox, Gaaram, Kyochon, Sei Sapi Lamalera, and others.

Various types of food are presented by Yummykitchen in order to provide diverse choices for consumers to enjoy the experience of buying their favorite food brands in one place.

This year, Yummy Corp. is also rolling out innovations by building a foodcourt management business unit that is integrated with online sales.

Previously, in November 2021, Yummy Corp. also officially announced the launch of Yummyshop, an application to help culinary MSME business actors make easier transactions with their consumers.

Joining MyBrand will strengthen Yummyshop as an application that supports culinary MSMEs throughout Indonesia, because all merchants in MyBrand will automatically have a Yummyshop account which is currently connected to various payment systems and various logistics systems.

“We also believe that the joining of MyBrand and their solid team will add strength to our team in the years to come to realize our dream of becoming the largest ecosystem for the food and beverage industry in Indonesia,” said Mario.

In addition, the two companies also believe that they can play a positive role as a forum that helps culinary business actors with their various needs.

Strengthen Ecosystem, Yummy Corp. Acquires MyBrand

Has Received Series B Funding

Previously, Yummy Corp had received series B follow-up funding from the SembraniNusantara Sembrani BRI Ventures venture fund last August.

The background behind the acquisition of this series B funding is the online food business which shows positive growth despite the Government’s implementation of the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

The delivery option is the main choice to meet the daily food needs of the community. Yummy Corp’s cloud-kitchen business unit, Yummykitchen is claimed to continue to grow rapidly and is sought after by food and beverage business players in Indonesia to help them expand quickly and affordably during the Covid-19 pandemic.