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Startup Tjetak Received Series A Funding during Pandemic

Startup Tjetak Received Series A Funding during Pandemic

There is good news for the local startup industry, where a startup specializing in packaging production, Tjetak, has just announced new funding amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This funding led by Vertex Ventures helps the company serve a growing number of businesses by providing custom packaging for various types of businesses.

“We are very grateful to investors who have believed in Tjetak’s vision and mission in Indonesia. We plan to use this investment for three main things, namely expanding the operational area and strengthening human resources, developing new features, and increasing lab capacity and packaging facilities,” said Anggara Pranaspati, co-founder of Tjetak, in his statement, Monday (24 / 8/2020).

Startup Tjetak Received Series A Funding during Pandemic

According to data from Tokopedia, the number of sellers joining the e-commerce platform has increased by up to 250 percent. All businesses with a total industrial value of up to IDR 87 trillion certainly need professionally designed packaging to increase their brand value.

Therefore, Tjetak as a packaging solution startup that specializes in packaging has great potential to grow and serve more companies in Indonesia.

Initiated by 3 UI Alumni

Established since 2018, Tjetak is a technology company initiated by three alumni of the University of Indonesia, namely Anggara Pranaspati, Raffisal Damanhuri, and Hasandi Patriawan.

“We see that the packaging industry has several pain points, for example, the process to get the price takes a long time and the specifications are complicated. In addition, an improper packaging design process can also cause losses, both in price and in products. Finally, the packaging production process does not run transparently so that it can disrupt the production time which is very vital for all business actors,” explained Angga.

Startup Tjetak Received Series A Funding during Pandemic

Tjetak then comes to serve clients by offering a combination of technological sophistication and expertise in packaging. For example, in the price request process, there is a Tjetak Pricing Engine technology that can calculate prices up to 70 percent faster than conventional procedures.

“Tjetak also offers price efficiency for various types of packaging and helps clients in the process of developing the right packaging for their products,” added Angga.

To provide better transparency, clients can track their products on the Tjetak.com platform. They can find out the stages of work that are currently underway and get regular updates regarding the estimated production time.

Vertex Ventures SEA Glad to be Part of Tjetak’s Series A Funding

“With the huge growth in retail consumption in Indonesia, both online and traditional, Tjetak is in a strategic position to help MSMEs and large companies meet their unique and innovative packaging needs,” said Joo Hock Chua, Managing Partner of Vertex Ventures SEA.

“We are delighted to be an investor in Series-A funding and support Tjetak’s growth from the start. We will continue to work closely with the Tjetak team to build a leading technology-based packaging company,” added Joo.

Startup Tjetak Received Series A Funding during Pandemic

Angga stated that this funding round was closed at the right time, especially because many Indonesians started MSME businesses and also enterprises that have experienced an increase in online-based sales since the Covid-19 pandemic.

During its two years of existence, Tjetak has successfully grown its business by serving clients from various industries. In the FMCG segment, for example, Tjetak is the packaging provider for PT. Internusa Biotechnology Enzym (toothpaste products), also for the F&B, e-commerce, logistics, and pharmaceutical industries with a business scale ranging from enterprises to MSMEs.

“We initially chose Tjetak as a packaging provider for Enzim toothpaste packaging because they can provide competitive prices for our SKU products with a relatively lower quantity than our other SKU products. In addition, we think the Tjetak system can provide more packaging fulfillment time. faster than other providers,” said Jonsen Sulaeman, Procurement Manager of PT. Enzym Biotechnology Internusa.