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Eden Farm and PaketKu Build Express Delivery Service Collaboration

Eden Farm and PaketKu Build Express Delivery Service Collaboration

The technology-based express delivery service company, PaketKu, is building a new collaboration with Eden Farm, a B2B agri-tech startup for the delivery of orders for agricultural products produced by farmers and breeders of Eden Farm partners to consumers in various cities in the country.

“The rising trend of online shopping in this pandemic is one form of responsibility that we must maintain as a shipping service company is to ensure that shipments are received on time and maintained when received by consumers,” said Rr Shanti Galuh, COO PaketKu, in a written press statement, Friday, July 31, 2020.

Eden Farm and PaketKu Build Express Delivery Service Collaboration

Shanti explained, with the current shipment technology, PaketKu has added fleet services to the concept of crowdsourcing and increased collaboration with online businesses.

Febrianto Gamal CoFounder, Eden Farm said, customer satisfaction should not be ignored even though there is currently an upward trend in online shopping demand for agricultural and livestock products.

“Making sure customers receive orders for foodstuffs in the good and fresh condition is one of the most important things for us. This is very much determined from the packaging process to shipping,” said Febrianto.

This collaboration is believed to make customers able to buy a variety of quality vegetables or kitchen needs from Eden Farm with timely delivery and of course at lower prices than PaketKu.

This collaboration is also a form of support from the two companies for the agritech industry in Indonesia. Eden Farm has been known to be active in supplying foodstuffs from local farmers and breeders to various culinary businesses, hotels, and the wider community.

Enforce Five Policies in the Middle of a Pandemic

B2B agritech startups that are actively supplying food ingredients in various culinary and hotel businesses, Eden Farm said it will continue to operate even in the corona pandemic with various adjustments to prioritize the safety of all its employees.

David Gunawan, Founder & CEO of Eden Farm, said that as an agri-tech company supplying food ingredients, one of the things Eden Farm can do to take an active role in the fight against the corona pandemic.

“This is done to maintain the food supply of 10,000 Eden Farm customers in Jadetabek & Bandung, while protecting 1,000 farmers and food producers in the region so they can continue to sell their products during this difficult time,” he explained through his release.

Eden Farm and PaketKu Build Express Delivery Service Collaboration

In an effort to protect its workers from exposure to the coronavirus, Eden Farm will impose five preventive policies. First, increase the intensity of warehouse disinfection to maintain the quality of food ingredients and the safety of warehouse workers.

Second, the provision of masks and gloves for warehouse staff and delivery staff who have a higher risk of exposure. Third, Eden Farm provides a multivitamin for all workers in both the warehouse and the goods delivery division to strengthen the immune system.

Fourth, the policy of working from home for Eden Farm office employees. However, for employees who still have to work in the office, Eden Farm applies a safe distance of 1-2 meters between employees.

Fifth, Eden Farm also provides COVID-19 preventive guidelines for the delivery of goods. This includes an appeal to maintain 1-2m distance between the delivery person and the customer, as well as a technical appeal to place the goods in front of the customer’s home or place of business on delivery.

Eden Farm Invites Communities to Become Their Resellers

In addition, David said that his party also opened up opportunities for people to become resellers to remain productive during quarantine and to contribute to facilitate access to food supplies in their communities.

Eden Farm and PaketKu Build Express Delivery Service Collaboration

“Starting on March 28, 2020, Eden Farm opened up opportunities for people to become resellers through our website,” he said.

Later, resellers will get access to various food products including fresh fruits and vegetables, hydroponic vegetables, herbs, to dry ingredients (rice, flour, oil, etc.) that will be delivered directly to customers.