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Indonesian Agriculture Startup, MSMB, Became the First Runner-up in IPIEC Global 2019

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An agriculture startup, PT. Mitra Sejahtera Pembangunan Bangsa (MSMB) has succeeded in becoming the first runner-up in the startup competition of the Intellectual Property Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest (IPIEC) 2019 which was held in Malaysia recently. It must be good news for all.

IPIEC Global itself is a technology innovation contest that is capable to connect with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This global-scale event is organized by WTOIP, a leading technology platform based in China. With this achievement, MSMB got a chance to represent the ASEAN region.

As the ASEAN region’s representation, MSMB will again compete for innovation in the semi-finals in the 2019 IPIEC Global which is scheduled to be held the next December. “This will be a good opportunity for us to explore the Chinese market,” said Kiwi Aliwarga.

As a technology innovator and founder of UMG Idealab, MSMB’s parent company, Kiwi explained that MSMB’s achievement in achieving Runner-Up at IPIEC Global 2019 is also a reflection of the milestone that shows their concentration in advancing global agriculture in general and Indonesia agriculture in particular.

MSMB Emphasized to Constantly Help Indonesian Farmers

MSMB emphasizes that it will continue to show commitment to helping Indonesian farmers. This startup currently focuses on the technology-based agribusiness sector 4.0. In its business, MSMB offers solutions for agriculture through RiTx, animal husbandry through LiTx, and fisheries through FisTx.

4.0 Smart Farming technology that MSMB is staying through RiTx includes Agri Drone Sprayer (pesticide and liquid fertilizer drone), Drone Surveillance (drone for land mapping), and Soil and Weather Sensor (soil and weather sensors). These technologies are hoped to develop local agriculture.

Regeneration was said to be the focus of the startup in further advancing local agriculture. The attempt will include the MSMB business unit, namely RiTx with 4.0 Smart Farming Technology. Kiwi wished that this technology can attract the interest of the young generation, especially millennials.

Through technology, Kiwis also want to instill the impression that farming is an interesting thing, especially with a touch of cutting-edge technology. As a result, the young generation in the country will not think that farming is just for the old anymore.

“Our hope, with the growing recognition of MSMB worldwide, can support the government’s long-term vision to make Indonesia a world food barn by 2045,” Kiwi added. This commitment is shown by the release of the Crowde app which is supposed to help Indonesian farmers in the financial sector.

MSMB Collaborated with BNI to Benefit Digital Technology

On the journey to achieve its vision, MSMB recently collaborated with PT Bank Negara Indonesia and the Ministry of Agriculture. This collaboration aimed to develop the competitiveness of the campaign “Movement for Welcoming Agriculture 4.0” while helping farmers face the planting season of October 2019 to March 2020.

SMEs Business Director and Network of BNI, Tambok P Setyawati said that the movement was in line with the government’s vision in implementing agriculture 4.0 through mechanization and digitalization to increase production and people’s welfare. Thus, the company collaborates with the Ministry of Agriculture and MSMB.

According to her, the technology can make the cultivation process more effective and be able to generate increased production. Therefore, it will further improve the welfare of the farmers. “This movement is a continuation of the Movement to Grow the Planting Season (OKMAR) which was carried out in 2018-2019.”

As for the Movement to Welcome Agriculture 4.0, it will be implemented at leading agricultural commodity production centers in Indonesia. Utilizing the advancement of Internet-based 4.0 Smart Farming based on IoT which applies soil and weather sensor technology. As a result, it can help farmers improve efficiency and increase productivity.