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Sharia Loans Increases Two-fold, Investree Prepares Four Strategies

Sharia Loans Increases Two-fold, Investree Prepares Four Strategies

Financial technology startup (fintech lending), Investree, recorded a two-fold increase in sharia lending in the first quarter.

The company also prepared four strategies to boost credit this year. First, increasing the number of lenders (lenders) from the institution.

“There is Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI). We are targeting BSI’s potential,” said Investree Co-Founder and CEO Adrian Gunadi during a virtual press conference on Wednesday (5/5).

Sharia Loans Increases Two-fold, Investree Prepares Four Strategies

In addition, Investree is targeting Sharia Rural Banks (BPRS) and Sharia Regional Development Bank (BPD). Second, expanding collaboration with business actors in the halal industry. Some of the targeted business actors, such as food, travel, and other businesses, are halal-based.

“That is our target market. For this reason, we will aggressively work together to support capital needs in the halal industry,” said Adrian. Third, create their own halal ecosystem. “For example, with hajj and umrah organizers,” he said.

Finally, launching a new product based on sharia. Several new products have been prepared, such as buyer financing and supply chain financing. The Sharia Investree Service obtained a permit from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in January 2018.

Since then, the company has distributed loans of IDR 384.84 billion. Meanwhile, during the first quarter, credit disbursement was IDR 10 billion. Investree itself recorded an increase in loan disbursement more than doubled this year.

“The growth of Investree’s sharia services is increasing rapidly,” said VP Sharia Investree Arief Mediadianto. The number of borrowers (borrowers) is 163, while lenders are 3,238.

Arief estimates that loan distribution grew four times in the second quarter compared to the first quarter. This is because the collaboration strategy by capturing the halal industry and the sharia ecosystem has been implemented.

In addition, the Investree service is Ramadan driven. Many consumers will use sharia services for financial purposes.

Reach 1,000 Ultra Micro Female Entrepreneurs

Investree and Gramindo Berkah Madani recently celebrated their success in reaching 1,000 ultramicro women entrepreneurs in the country who joined the Investree ecosystem.

Previously, in November 2020, the collaboration between Investree and Gramindo, through Gayatri Microfinance, was inaugurated for the first time.

Investree claims that the achievement of 1,000 ultramicro women entrepreneurs is proof of Investree’s seriousness in accelerating women entrepreneurs who also act as managers of household finances to make them more empowered.

Sharia Loans Increases Two-fold, Investree Prepares Four Strategies

Gayatri Microfinance itself was founded in April 2018 and is targeting women entrepreneurs in Indonesia who do not have access to banks.

Specifically, Gayatri Microfinance stated that she is committed to be able to provide funding with the latest financial technology for women who have businesses but do not meet the requirements for capital using the joint responsibility method protected by insurance.

Investree is, of course, one of the peer-to-peer lending financial technology companies in the country. Investree claims to be a pioneer in this field.

Investree added that in collaboration with Gramindo, Investree optimizes the role of data and technology in encouraging the effectiveness of financing distribution for Gayatri Microfinance MSMEs.

Apart from that, Investree also hopes that the number of women entrepreneurs is ultramicro; has an average turnover of IDR 5 to IDR 10 million per month; who join can continue to grow.

Investree Boosts Business during Ramadan

In accordance with the Investree 2021 business strategy, which is to strengthen synergistic cooperation with various partners, Investree, which is now positioning itself as an integrated digital business solution for SMEs, continues the partnership with names that have collaborated with Investree.

Sharia Loans Increases Two-fold, Investree Prepares Four Strategies

Some of them are Blibli and Midtrans and will provide special promotions for SMEs who are members of the SIPLah Blibli and Midtrans ecosystems.

In this fasting month, SIPLah Blibli and Midtrans UKM players have the opportunity to get a cashback of IDR 150 thousand for every financing application through the Investree platform.

The above is also in line with Investree’s commitment to be carried out in the umbrella campaign at its fifth age, “Grow Fa5ter”, in which Investree will focus on the recovery of SMEs during and after the pandemic.