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SehatQ Launches a Feature to Buy Vitamins and Medicines Online

SehatQ Launches a Feature to Buy Vitamins and Medicines Online

A digital healthcare service startup, SehatQ accelerated the launch of the Health Shop feature to facilitate community access to health needs that increased sharply amid the corona pandemic.

The government’s call to limit outdoor activities has an impact on increasing people’s needs for online shopping channels. Especially online shopping to find and buy various supplements and vitamins to increase endurance.

SehatQ Launches a Feature to Buy Vitamins and Medicines Online

“We see the importance of the needs of this community, especially for the needs of products that are definitely original and at reasonable prices,” SehatQ Director Dewi Bramono said at the launch at the BNPB office.

At present, many public complaints about vitamin stocks on the market are running low, and prices are set high above the highest retail price (HET). Not to mention the problem of scarcity and price is finished, the public still faces the risk of counterfeit goods, including those circulating in online stores.

The TokoQ feature on the SehatQ platform connects buyers with 35 licensed pharmacies in the Greater Jakarta area, as well as authorized distributors of various health product brands such as KalbeStore, Blackmores, Kimberly Clark, Galenium, and others.

More than 1,200 Products Offered by SehatQ Platform

At the beginning of its launch, SehatQ offered more than 1,200 vitamin and supplement products. Delivery service is also available throughout Indonesia to purchase official distributor products, and to the Jabodetabek area for products outside the official store. Users can make cashless payments through a virtual account.

Uniquely, people can also use the SehatQ Chat feature to ask questions about their health needs, including the need for vitamin and drug consumption. This online doctor consultation service is provided free of charge to users, to help the public understand the right and safe product.

With this system developed by SehatQ, people can more easily choose drugs, supplements, and vitamins that are suitable and guaranteed authenticity, at reasonable prices, and stock products that are continuously added directly by SehatQ partners every day.

“So that people can be healthy at home, we make sure the source of all the products in our shop is definitely original and you can get a money-back guarantee,” Dewi concluded.

SehatQ Launches a Feature to Buy Vitamins and Medicines Online

The Needs for Vitamin and Supplement Products Increased before Ramadan

SehatQ recorded a surge in purchasing products in the vitamins, minerals, and supplements category one week before Ramadan arrived. Purchases of vitamins, minerals, and supplements products at the SehatQ Shop accounted for 50% of total user spending.

“In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic that is still happening, the community is increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining body immunity, especially in this Ramadan,” SehatQ Director Dewi Bramono said in an official broadcast recently.

SehatQ users are not only looking for vitamins or multivitamins, but also herbal supplements. In addition to vitamins, minerals, and supplements, Toko SehatQ also provides medicines, medical devices, beauty products, body care, and the needs of mothers and babies.

SehatQ Launches a Feature to Buy Vitamins and Medicines Online

Prices are According to Official Pharmacies

Dewi explained, the health-tech startup under the auspices of the Sinar Mas Group also worked with a number of brands, including Stimuno, Herbana, JF, Hansaplast, and Nivea, which opened its official store (SehatQ) official store.

Thus, SehatQ guarantees the public to get a variety of products, including vitamins and original supplements, at prices according to official pharmacies and official stores. This is important, given the increasing public demand for various vitamins and supplements, to maintain endurance during the month of Ramadan.

To support the community in maintaining health during Ramadan during the Covid-19 pandemic, SehatQ distributed free masks, which were bundled with several products, including supplements.

Because, always wearing a mask when doing activities outside the home and taking supplements, can also be an effort to increase the body’s defenses during fasting.