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Securing Series A Funding, Printerous Startup Will Expand to 30 Cities

Securing Series A Funding, Printerous Startup Will Expand to 30 Cities

Printerous online printing and packaging startups have just won series A funding. The fresh funds will be used to develop technology infrastructure and expansion to 30 cities in Indonesia.

Funding was obtained from investors led by BAce Capital, Additives, GDP Venture, Gobi Agung, and Sovereign’s Capital. However, the Jakarta-based company did not mention the amount.

Securing Series A Funding, Printerous Startup Will Expand to 30 Cities

Currently, Printerous is the largest online-printing platform in Indonesia. Printerous recorded revenue growth of more than 300% in 2018. In 2019 following, Printerous will expand to Southeast Asia.

Mulyono, Managing Director of BAce Capital, explained that the company has the vision to improve the entire digital economy in Southeast Asia and support other startups with similar goals.

“Printerous is able to empower traditional industries with technology and other additional services, making it profitable for printing and users. Printerous is a startup from Indonesia that we believe has a great opportunity,” he said.

B2B segment dominated the transaction in Printerous, as mentioned by Kevin Osmond, the Founder and also CEO of Printerous. Transactions for B2B accounted for 98% of the number of transactions that occurred.

Packaging is their main products, followed by marketing materials and office needs. These products are very needed in the B2B segment.

Kevin explained in the press release that e-commerce and e-procurement are the two innovative solutions they came up with after seeing the high demands for printing in the B2B segment.

This Startup Serves MSME Printing Needs

Printerous e-commerce itself currently exists to serve various printing needs for micro and small businesses. The existence of the free template designs, real-time price calculations, and a wide selection of material specifications are some of the advantages provided by this platform. It is expected that Printerous can bring transparency and efficiency in ordering printing needs.

Securing Series A Funding, Printerous Startup Will Expand to 30 Cities

While e-procurement solutions are presented by Printerous in the Pro Accounts feature. Pro Accounts appeared in 2017 for medium and corporate businesses that have routine printing needs. This feature makes it easy to distribute printed goods to various regions on a national scale.

Going forward, Printerous ensure that this platform can help businesses in printing matters by presenting features that make it easy. Finally, making a greater contribution to Indonesian’s economic growth is one of their aims.

“Right now our main focus is to make it easy for MSMEs to develop their business by utilizing digital platforms,” ​​Kevin added.

There Are Still Many MSMEs That Have Difficulty Developing Their Business

Printerous wanted to focus on the MSME market that are still having trouble developing their business. Previously, this market was also ogled by foreign players such as Gogoprint from Singapore who in December 2018 then acquired with the local printing startup Prinzio.

“MSMEs in Indonesia face difficulties in designing, ordering, and distributing prints and packaging supplies,” Kevin said as quoted by TechInAsia, Thursday (13/2).

Securing Series A Funding, Printerous Startup Will Expand to 30 Cities

Kevin continued that the print aggregates and logistics service providers were able to resolve the problem. As a result the printing and packaging process of MSME products can be more cost-effective, more convenient, and transparent.

Earlier founded in 2012 as an Instagram photo printing service, Printerous has now developed into a printing and packaging solution for individuals and MSMEs. Therefore all these efforts were made so that the business could be sustainable.

Now Printerous has partnered with more than 250 printing and logistics service providers. In conclusion, it has served more than 35 thousand business people. Previously, this startup was funded by several angel investors in 2015, which was followed by a pre-series A round of US $ 1.4 million led by Golden Gate Ventures Singapore in 2017.