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Parenting Startup Orami Aims for 1 Million Transactions in E-Commerce


A startup parenting, Orami launched an application to strengthen its four services, one of which is e-commerce. The company targets the number of transactions in e-commerce services to reach 1 million this year.

CEO Orami, Ferry Tenka explained the features of buying and selling products for mother and child needs to be the company’s business scheme in the beginning in 2013. The e-commerce will remain one of the main focuses of the business.

Parenting Startup Orami Aims for 1 Million Transactions in E-Commerce

Orami now has around 500 brands of FMCG products to other equipment. The brands come from local and international where the majority of products sold are inventory from the company.

Ferry also guarantees that their products are also credible and safe because the sellers have been curated. The products must also have a government permit.

Last year, the company recorded an average of 400 thousand transactions on the e-commerce. “We are targeting this year to achieve growth (number of transactions) to 2.5-fold in 2020,” he said in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/2).

The company also targets to attract buyers outside of Java. Therefore, the company is targeting to build a new warehouse in Medan this year.

At present, Orami has two warehouses in Bekasi and Surabaya. So, limited logistical and payment access makes 80% of transactions on the platform currently originating from Java.

Orami Has Four Main Services in Its App

It has four main services that can now be accessed in the application. Firstly, Orami Commerce, that has 9 product categories. Secondly, Orami Content, that offers tens of thousands of articles about the world of childcare that have been curated by experts such as doctors, psychologists, and financial and health experts.

Parenting Startup Orami Aims for 1 Million Transactions in E-Commerce

Thirdly, Orami Community, is a community for mothers in Indonesia as a place of aspiration and to establish connections between fellow mothers. The users can chat with various communities to attend online consultation classes (ROOMPI) with experts every day in certain sessions. The last one is Orami Entrepreneurship Program, that is intended for mothers to have additional income by selling a variety of products in Orami to people around.

Orami Encourages Mothers to Become Entrepreneurs

In the application, this service is titled ‘Busy Mother’, where users can get a profit of 30% of the products sold. Currently there are around 20 million mothers who have children under 7 years, ranging from pregnant women to children aged 7 years.

“Our target is to expand the range of users of our content on this service,” he said. This year, it has no specific plans to raise funds. However, he said that the company was open for the opportunity if there were interested investors.

“Investors not only provide funding but also provide value for the company,” he said. For the example, Sinar Mas Group as a corporate investor, has a fairly extensive network in Indonesia so that it can help them to grow faster.

Parenting Startup Orami Aims for 1 Million Transactions in E-Commerce

The launch of this application also emphasizes Orami’s position as an all-in-one parenting app. Cynthia Tenggara, Head of Orami Parenting, explained, the Orami Parenting platform is a community-based parenting application. In this application, mothers can discuss and meet other fellow mothers with the same interests, needs or challenges online.

The community was very much needed by Indonesian mothers. This is proven by the growth of the Orami Community which reached more than 1000% in only a short time. Currently, there are tens of thousands of mothers who are members of Community and are spread in 75 cities.