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Ruangguru Pocketed 22 Million Users by the End of 2020

Ruangguru Pocketed 22 Million Users by the End of 2020

Ruangguru announced that it has served more than 22 million users throughout Indonesia until December 2020. With this number, the edtech startup recorded an increase of around seven million users, equivalent to 46 percent compared to the data at the end of December 2019.

“2020 is a year full of challenges. Therefore, we are proactive and responsive in presenting various initiatives and innovations that can ensure and expand access to quality education through technology,” said Ruangguru Founder and President Director, Belva Devara in an official statement received on Thursday (7/1/2021).

According to Belva, after the government announced the enactment of Distance Learning (PJJ) in March 2020, Ruangguru continued to present a number of new products, services, innovations, including social programs to support the implementation of PJJ.

Some of the initiatives introduced by this startup throughout 2020 are the Ruangguru Free Online School which has been utilized by more than 10 million students throughout Indonesia, opening 250 teacher training modules, presenting tens of thousands of scholarships to children of medical personnel, underprivileged children in 3T areas, including orphans in hundreds of orphanages.

Ruangguru Pocketed 22 Million Users by the End of 2020

“The function and existence of Ruangguru’s products, services and innovations are increasingly relevant in the midst of a pandemic for the education sector considering that students, teachers and other education actors are required to learn from home. Going forward, we will continue to innovate to support teaching and learning activities in 2021. and the future, “said Ruangguru Founder and Product & Cooperation Director, Iman Usman.

Not only that, 2020 is also an important momentum for Ruangguru through its presence in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand and Vietnam. In Thailand, this application comes under the name StartDee, while in Vietnam the company uses the name Kien Guru.

For information, in its first year in Thailand, the StartDee application has been used by more than 200 thousand users. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the number of Kien Guru users reaches more than 700 thousand.

Ruangguru is on the List of the 50 Most Transformative Edtech Companies

On the other hand, Ruangguru has made it to the GSV Ventures list of the most transformative technology companies in the field of education (edtech). Ruangguru is the only company from Indonesia and Southeast Asia on the list.

Apart from Ruangguru, the other companies mostly come from the United States, China and India. There are 17 companies from the United States, 16 companies from China, and 6 companies from India that are on this list.

Ruangguru Pocketed 22 Million Users by the End of 2020

“This achievement can only be achieved thanks to the hard work of the entire team in Ruangguru who work with sincere enthusiasm to serve our 20 million users, both school and adult students,” said Ruangguru Founder and President Director, Belva Devara in an official statement, Monday (19 / 10/2020).

Belva, Founder of Ruangguru, Listed as One of the Achieving Youth in Asia

In addition, The Straits Times media listed the founder of Ruangguru Belva Devara as one of the most accomplished young people under 30 in Asia in 2020. Belva is included in the list of “Young Asians to Watch 30 and under” because it is considered to have brought a change in the field of education in Indonesia.

Belva has been named the young man in Asia who brought changes to the Business & Social Entrepreneurship category. Belva is also the only entrepreneur from Indonesia who is included in the ranks.

For information, GSV Ventures is a global platform that focuses on paying attention and raising innovation in the education and employment sectors. Based on a statement from the official GSV Ventures website, the platform that made it into this list is a company that has successfully helped the transition of classrooms from offline to online.