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Robocup Ready to Expand Vending Machine Barista in 15 Locations

Robocup Ready to Expand Vending Machine Barista in 15 Locations

Beverage and coffee industry startup, Robocup launched a vending machine that specifically offers contactless transactions for fresh brewed coffee. 

The first vending machine in Indonesia that presents the Touchless Barista concept was launched for the first time at the Main Lobby and 5th Floor of Plaza Atrium Senen, Central Jakarta, on Friday (18/6/2021).

Head of Operations Robocup Ryan Phedra, conveyed that the idea of ​​presenting the Robocup vending machine emerged after seeing the development of the beverage industry, especially coffee in Indonesia.

Robocup Ready to Expand Vending Machine Barista in 15 Locations

Coffee shops that are increasingly mushrooming in Indonesia make customers today tend to choose fresh brewed coffee drinks instead of sachet coffee. On the other hand, many people avoid direct interaction in the midst of this pandemic.

“Combining these two things, Robocup is here to provide solutions for fresh brewed coffee drinks from coffee beans which are directly processed into various drinks in a vending machine,” explained Ryan at the launch at Plaza Atrium Senen, Central Jakarta.

Robocup, which is a startup engaged in the beverage and coffee industry, sees a large market niche for developing a touchless barista vending machine business. There are quite a few types of vending machines. 

“If you look at people selling cosmetics, there are already vending machines, people selling hand sanitizers and masks as well as using vending machines. So in the future this vending machine will be a good trend in Indonesia,” explained Head of Operations Robocup Ryan Phedra, Friday (18/6/2021).

Planning to Expand Business to 15 Different Locations

The large potential of this market makes Robocup will immediately aggressively expand their business. The plan is that in the next month this startup will launch their touchless barista vending machine in 15 locations spread across the Greater Jakarta area.

“At Plaza Atrium Senen this is the first vending machine that we are launching, but in the next month we will launch it in 15 different locations, which are in the Greater Jakarta area,” said Ryan.

Robocup Ready to Expand Vending Machine Barista in 15 Locations

This contactless purchase transaction offered by Robocup is considered suitable for the pandemic conditions.

“In the midst of a pandemic like this, vending machines are actually a solution where people can order coffee without contact or contactless. So they don’t have to deal with people to order coffee or drinks, they are made directly by machines, so it must be hygienic,” said Ryan. .

Ordering Without Using a Touch Screen (Touchless Order) 

Robocup, which carries the concept of Your First Touchless Barista, also provides a choice of ordering without using a touch screen or touchless order.

With the Progressive Web Apps (PWA) barcode scanner system, customers can choose drinks to make payments directly from their cellphones.

“After customers make payments via mobile payment, they just have to wait for a very short time of manufacture, only 1 minute,” said Ryan.

Order payments via the Robocup vending machine can be made via Gopay, Ovo, Dana, Shopeepay and QRIS. Through this vending machine, Robocup presents unique coffee drinks that are rarely found, such as Kopi Kacang Ijo.

Robocup Ready to Expand Vending Machine Barista in 15 Locations

In addition to coffee drinks, there are also other drinks that are no less interesting, such as Green Bean Latte, Okinawa Latte, Hokkaido Chocolate, French Latte, Swiss Chocolate and many other non-coffee drinks.

“The price offered is also very affordable, only IDR 11,000 to IDR 17,000. The standard of coffee drinks for Indonesian customers is currently very high. Therefore, we must ensure that the coffee drinks we serve are not inferior to coffee drinks from well-known coffee outlets. in terms of taste,” said Ryan.

In the framework of the grand opening, Robocup provides a 50 percent discount promo for some of its best drink choices.