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Rey.id Offers New Way of Insurance in Indonesia in the Digital Age

Rey.id Offers New Way of Insurance in Indonesia in the Digital Age

Rey (Rey.id), an application-based health insurtech startup, is present in Indonesia. Rey focuses on health, life, and critical illness insurance. Rey’s idea was driven by two young people, namely Evan Tanotogono (CEO & Co-founder) and Bobby Siagian (CTO & Co-founder).

Rey has the vision to present a new model of insurance, which is to combine specially designed life and health insurance products with a digitally integrated health service ecosystem.

Rey.id Offers New Way of Insurance in Indonesia in the Digital Age

Starting from self-examination of symptoms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), teleconsultation with doctors, to ordering and delivery of drugs according to doctor’s prescriptions.

Different from conventional insurance, the Rey platform offers a combination of insurance products and health services that are packaged in a subscription-based Membership program. This pattern is similar to online movie and song streaming services.

The subscription system aims to simplify the insurance experience at a more affordable price, starting from IDR 69 thousand/month.

After subscribing, Rey members can enjoy access to the healthcare ecosystem anytime and anywhere at no additional cost.

Startup Rey Wants to Contribute to Health in Indonesia

Rey’s emergence began with a desire to contribute to increasing the penetration of life & health insurance in Indonesia through a new and different approach.

Rey really only focuses on health, life, and critical illness insurance products. However, it is run with end-to-end innovation – starting from digital distribution, integration with health services both online and offline, as well as utilizing wellness features.

Rey.id Offers New Way of Insurance in Indonesia in the Digital Age

“Many of the pain points we see in the life and health insurance industry in Indonesia are deep-rooted so that Rey’s approach is not just digitizing part of a long-standing process but redesigning how health, life and critical illness insurance should be offered in Indonesia. “said Evan.

Another problem that has become an opportunity for health insurtech companies like Rey to increase the penetration of digital insurance in Indonesia is the changes that have occurred in society since the COVID-19 pandemic, namely how to handle health.

People are starting to realize the importance of having protection through insurance, efforts to live a healthier life, to awareness to use technology in the health sector.

Its Features Make It Easy for the Community

Rey’s presence will make it easier for people who care about the health and the future because Rey provides full access for members to access health services.

Some of these services include AI-based self-diagnostics, doctor teleconsultation services, and ordering and delivery of prescription drugs, to cashless visits to doctors at partner clinics with the Rey application.

In terms of health services, Rey focuses more on the quality of care. Rey’s features and flows, from self-diagnostics to teleconsultation and drug purchases, are designed so that Rey Members can get maximum overall comfort even from telehealth services.

Rey.id Offers New Way of Insurance in Indonesia in the Digital Age

“Rey also provides special doctors who have been selected and curated for teleconsultation services so that service standards can be maintained properly,” said Evan.

Rey’s management believes that experience in insurance should not only be limited to buying policies and paying premiums. Therefore, Rey wants to be known as a provider of insurance products that is more than just presenting a policy.

Rey wants to get to know and interact with her Members more personally, both through health services to various features to improve the quality of life in a healthier direction.

The role of data and analytics also plays a role in improving the quality of Rey’s teleconsultation services. Rey also completes the application with fitness features designed with a reward module, which is intended to motivate members to have a healthier life.

In the future, Rey will continue to strengthen technology and cooperation because bringing innovation and change in this industry is a big job so collaboration and relationships with various parties are needed.