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DANA Helps and Facilitates the Users to Help Medical Workers

DANA Helps MSMEs and Facilitates the Community to Help Medical Workers

DANA launched a Home Shopping service during Ramadan. Through this service, users can shop their needs digitally, as well as order / buy food and drinks for breaking their fast food from their favorite restaurants or eating places. To help economic actors affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vincent Iswara, CEO and co-founder of DANA, said that one of the industries most affected by the pandemic was the food and beverage industry, in almost all locations in Indonesia.

DANA Helps and Facilitates the Users to Help Medical Workers

“Those affected are the public as users, as well as business people ranging from micro-scale to large scale retail entrepreneurs,” Vincent said through his statement on Thursday (4/30/2020).

Vincent added, now everyone is trying to survive and get through difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“DANA cares and seeks to help ease the burden on the public, consumers, and businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, by creating a variety of initiatives and innovations following the strengths and competencies of DANA as an Indonesian technology company,” he said.

Home Shopping Orders can be done via WhatsApp

The Home Shopping service is intended to help DANA merchant partners to continue operating during the pandemic while serving the needs of DANA users who are also their customers.

“Through this service, DANA merchant partners can still serve consumers and accept orders made through the DANA digital wallet application. This feature connects users with their favorite merchants via WhatsApp instant messaging service,” Vincent said.

Furthermore, users can directly order goods or food and beverage menus from merchants and make payments using DANA QRIS (QR Code Indonesia Standard issued by DANA). The merchant will send the order directly to the customer’s address.

He continued, “In this month of Ramadan, DANA users also no longer need to be confused about what cooking or buying food to break their fast. Now they can use the Home Shopping service on DANA’s digital wallet to order food and drinks from their favorite restaurants for iftar meals.”

DANA Helps and Facilitates the Users to Help Medical Workers

Any Bill Payment can be Paid through the Application

In the DANA application, anyone can pay various bills, starting from paying electricity, water, credit, telephone, and internet. Plus DANA has a Save Card feature that makes it easy for users to pay all bills in addition to using their DANA balance.

Speaking of security, DANA has DANA Protection which is a layered security system that is able to protect your data from theft and ensure that every transaction is safe.

With DANA Protection, users of DANA will be guaranteed 100% security. Not only that, but DANA also offers a money-back guarantee in the event of loss of money caused by disruptions or problems during the transaction.

DANA Helps and Facilitates the Users to Help Medical Workers

During the Pandemic, DANA also Facilitated Medical Personnel

DANA digital wallet collaborates with the Habitat for Humanity Foundation to provide facilities to medical personnel who are completing the spread of the coronavirus. DANA CEO & Co-Founder Vincent Iswara said, DANA as a digital platform seeks to provide convenience to the public in the transaction, including donations.

He added, his party would maximize digital services in order to provide assistance to related parties, so that the community could channel their donations through the DANA platform. Vincent said, in the collaboration DANA has a role to accommodate community donations, so that later the Habitat for Humanity Foundation will manage the donations.

With the pandemic, DANA focused on targeting SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) as well as the medical staff. According to Vincent, SMEs are economic assets that need to be channeled.

Therefore, DANA has targeted which parties will receive assistance from community donations. However, Vincent said at this time it would focus on medical staff first.