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GoKampus Helps Prospective Students to Register for Study Abroad


The educational technology startup goKampus makes it easy for high school graduates who want to find private universities and foreign universities to continue their education abroad.

Through the Instant Approval feature, students who want to apply for college no longer need to fill out many forms to apply to many universities.

“It is enough to upload grade 10-12 high school report cards to the application, then within 1 hour you will receive confirmation of acceptance from our partner campuses,” said Nathan Santoso, CEO and founder of goKampus in his statement, Wednesday (15/9/2021).

GoKampus Helps Prospective Students to Register for Study Abroad

To support the spirit of the younger generation to prepare for future education and careers, goKampus held the goKampus Virtual Education Expo (GOEX) in Indonesia.

GOEX is an educational expo that presents 200+ campuses from 9 countries such as Indonesia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.

There are more than 300 choices of unique majors and dozens of seminars, talk shows, and workshops hosted by various public figures and professional practitioners across industries.

Starting from Bong Chandra (Founder of Triniti Land), Nadia Soekarno (Public Figure), Yasa Singgih (Co-founder & CEO Fortius, Young Entrepreneur Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia), Sania Leonardo (Content Creator), Stela Nau (Head of Public Affairs for East Territory Grab Indonesia), and various other speakers.

Participants can also consult for free education on campuses at home and abroad until they are taken care of. “You can also get information about scholarships, aptitude tests, and preparations to improve English skills for free,” he said.

GOEX Open to the Public for Free

Nathan said GOEX was held to help young Indonesians prepare for the future by choosing universities, majors, and careers carefully.

“At GOEX, those who are confused about choosing a major and campus, can definitely get the answer. Anyone who wants to study abroad can find universities in 9 countries, and we will help with registration,” Nathan said.

GoKampus Helps Prospective Students to Register for Study Abroad

He said, in addition to being able to chat directly with university representatives, they can also gain knowledge from various seminars and workshops that we present together with inspirational and professional speakers in their fields.

GOEX registration is free to the public and is available for various levels of education from pre-university/foundation, Diploma, S1 and S2. GOEX is held virtual, so that everyone can easily access GOEX from anywhere.

“Just one click, everyone can join. Even while lying down you can. We hope that all the information we provide at GOEX will be useful for high school students and prospective masters students to prepare their careers as a whole,” he concluded. GOEX 2021 will be held on 2-3 October 2021 starting at 10.00 – 17.00 WIB.

Received Funding Last June

goKampus, Indonesia’s largest digital campus ecosystem platform, announced the acquisition of oversubscribed pre-series A funding led by venture capital firms Sovereign’s Capital and SALT Ventures.

GoKampus Helps Prospective Students to Register for Study Abroad

In addition to the two names, Azure Ventures and several angel investors in Asia Pacific are also supporting this funding round. goKampus will use this fresh fund to accelerate business growth by doing three things.

First, to strengthen technology products by utilizing AI and machine learning to improve student learning experiences, for example by providing cloud-based lectures, student academic screening, study program matching, and counseling.

Second, double the number of teams to serve the needs of the rapidly growing number of students on the platform. Lastly, increase initiatives and efforts to acquire student and university partnerships.

goKampus is digitizing college life by providing comprehensive access to college services in one app – from applying to college majors, virtual teaching and learning, finding scholarships and education loans, to getting internships and work opportunities for college graduates.