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Surviving during the Pandemic, 20FIT Startup Launches Virtual Gym Class

Surviving during the Pandemic, 20FIT Startup Launches Virtual Gym Class

Fitness training services have also been affected by the corona pandemic, due to policies restricting community activities outside the home. The 20FIT micro-gym service startup also launched a virtual fitness training class called VirtuFIT.

Co-Founder and CEO of The FIT Company, which houses 20FIT, Jeff Budiman said the closure of studios and fitness centers due to the outbreak of the corona virus had an impact on the earnings of the trainers. At present, there are 66 trainers entering the 20FIT network.

Surviving during the Pandemic, 20FIT Startup Launches Virtual Gym Class

Normally, the average trainer is able to handle up to eight members who exercise. However, since the studio and fitness center temporarily closed last month, the number of members handled has decreased. This affects the trainer’s income.

In order for the exercise to continue to be held despite the application of physical distancing, 20FIT launched VirtuFIT. “The temporary cessation of studio operations did not prevent us from bringing the welfare of personal coaches who are members of 20FIT,” Jeff was quoted as saying in a press release yesterday (4/14).

VirtuFIT is made with the concept of one-on-one virtual coaching, which allows members to exercise interactively with trainers without any physical contact. VirtuFIT services can be accessed through the FITCO application.

At the initial launch, users get a promotional price of Rp 150 thousand per session. In addition to virtual classes, 20FIT provides other sports options from home such as the Daily Workout from Home video. Going forward, the sport classes offered are increasingly diverse.

The Company Has Five Business Lines in the Field of Wellness Ecosystem

The Fit Company has five business lines namely Kredoaum (fitness tech distributor); 20 Fit (micro gym); Fitstop (gym); Local Fit or healthy food; and, Fitmee or instant noodles made from konyaku jelly.

The Fit Company CEO Jeff Budiman wants to combine all of these business lines into one whole ecosystem. “After a long time innovating products and businesses, we realize that we have almost all aspects that make up the Wellness Economy,” he said in a press release on Tuesday (1/29).

Surviving during the Pandemic, 20FIT Startup Launches Virtual Gym Class

The Fit Company utilizes technology to connect users to every element of a healthy lifestyle. This company provides guidance and meets their needs for a healthy lifestyle. “We are really excited about the support of East Ventures,” he said.

East Ventures Managing Partner Willson Weather said the Indonesian market had potential because of the large population of young consumers. Nearly 60% of Indonesians are under the age of 30 and their spending on secondary needs continues to increase.

“This new consumption behavior presents a great opportunity to build new ecosystems, especially in the health and wellness categories,” he said.

He noticed, infrastructure development in Indonesia for on-demand and online-to-offline (O2O) services was quite strong. According to him, this can increase growth in this category by offering holistic products and services, such as training activities, FMCG products, health equipment, and fast food, in one platform.

20Fit Was Founded Because of the Challenge to Create a Healthy Lifestyle in the Community

20FIT is under the auspices of The Fit Company, which was founded in 2014 by Jeff Budiman, Prianka Bukit, and Bambang Bukit or known as Bams, former Samsons personnel. While jazz singer Andien Aisyah was involved as the Co-Founder of 20Fit.

In 2017, the founders saw a major challenge related to a healthy lifestyle, namely diet. From there, the idea of ​​establishing Fit Gourmet emerged by establishing a restaurant providing healthy food and low calories for the community.

Surviving during the Pandemic, 20FIT Startup Launches Virtual Gym Class

As the second-largest country of instant noodle lovers according to WINA, Indonesia is still minimal in the choice of healthy and low-calorie instant noodles. For this reason, The Fit Company presents Fitmee, a low-calorie noodle made from konyaku jelly.

In 2018, The Fit Company will begin to expand into conventional gym services by opening the 20FIT Project. This service is available first at BTPN Tower, Kuningan.