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Review of Outpost Coworking Space in Ubud and Canggu, Bali

Review of Outpost Coworking Space in Ubud and Canggu, Bali

Bali has been popular to have a wonderful coworking space. While a lot of coworking spaces are available in Bali, Outpost is just something you can’t miss here. None can deny that Outpost remains one of the best coworking spaces on the island.

With sophisticated amenities and engaged community, your experience of working at Outpost must be awesome. Outpost has been a favorite place for both domestic and international freelancers as well as digital nomads to get their jobs done while enjoying the beauty of Bali. 

Review of Outpost Coworking Space in Ubud and Canggu, Bali

The Outpost itself is more than just a coworking area, but it is also a great social space that allows you to connect with more professionals. In Bali, Outpost is located in Ubud and Canggu. The one located in Ubud is the flagship and it is larger than Outpost Canggu.

Even though Outpost Canggu and Ubud are different in size as well as location, both still offer a similar classy feeling. To help you learn further about Outpost Canggu and Outpost Ubud coworking spaces, let’s read the complete review below. 

What You Need to Know about Outpost Ubud 

Let’s start with Outpost Ubud that is larger and has a two-floor coworking space as well as a conference room. If you want to work in a quiet area of Outpost Ubud, go downstairs. Meanwhile, those who love to enjoy an open coworking area, simply go upstairs. 

  • Outpost Ubud’s Atmosphere 

When it comes to the atmosphere, Outpost Ubud offers such a bright, less-noise condition that makes it ideal to get any jobs done. You can also enjoy quick Wi-Fi connection at Outpost Ubud which is highly important in many cases. 

  • Outpost Ubud’s Community

What many people love about working in a communal space is that they have higher opportunities to meet various people. At Outspot Ubud, you can also meet a lot of fascinating people. If you are lucky enough, they can make new acquaintances or business partners in the future.

Review of Outpost Coworking Space in Ubud and Canggu, Bali
  • Outpost Ubud’s Amenities 

Then, how are the amenities offered by Outpost Ubud? One of the most exciting parts of working at Outpost Ubud is that you can enjoy fantastic food delivery. By being a member of the Outpost coworking, you can easily order some foods from the restaurant. 

You can enjoy various foods and beverages from the Green Window Café. In addition to the available restaurant and café, Outpost Ubud also offers other essential amenities including a refrigerator, a microwave, as well as a hot plate. Thus, you have a chance to cook your favorite foods at Outpost Ubud.

What You Need to Know about Outpost Canggu

Outpost Canggu is no different since it offers you everything necessary for work. Outpost Canggu is located in the midst of Berawa’s café with beautiful beach sight, making it such a relaxing space to work. If you need a great spot to encourage your productivity, Outpost Canggu is the best. 

Then, what others say about Outpost coworking area? Most users found Outpost amazing with a bunch of entrepreneurs working there. They also appreciate that Outpost has a number of nearby restaurants, a huge air-conditioned area for their convenience as well as a bounty of tables, chairs, and plugs. 

Review of Outpost Coworking Space in Ubud and Canggu, Bali

Others also report that Outpost Ubud has clean and airy rooms, making it a comfortable space to get their work done. If you want to work while seeing a wonderful view of the jungle a far, Outpost also offers a few rows of standing desks to accommodate your unique needs.

To conclude, Outpost is a highly recommended communal space in Asia. If you are traveling to Bali and need a great space to work than the famous Hubud, Outpost would make a perfect option. You don’t need to worry about the price too since Outpost coworking space is considerably affordable too.