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Receiving Funding, Traveloka Provides Drive-Thru Rapid Test

Traveloka Provides Drive-Thru Rapid Test

Traveloka has just announced the acquisition of investment of US $ 250 million or around Rp3.6 trillion. Startup service providers based on online travel (Online Travel Agent / OTA) continue to innovate, one of which provides a risk test service for contracting the corona rapid test virus by the drive-thru.

The service is only available in the Soekarno-Hatta Airport area, Tangerang. Prospective passengers can complete the travel document requirements. One of them is the rapid test directly at the airport through the Traveloka platform.

Receiving Funding, Traveloka Provides Drive-Thru Rapid Test

As is known, one of the requirements to travel using air transportation is to show proof of Covid-19 free. “This service supports the government’s efforts in implementing strict health protocols,” said Head of Marketing, Transport, Traveloka Andhini Putri, quoted from a press release, Wednesday (29/7).

To access the service, users only need to open the Traveloka Xperience feature. Then enter the category of travel complementary products (travel essentials). Then, the Covid-19 test menu will appear.

The user only needs to choose the Covid-19 drive-thru rapid test service, then specify the date and order confirmation. Users are charged IDR 150,000 for the test for maximum of 15 minutes. After the test, a printed letter format will appear related to the results of the test.

During Pandemic, Traveloka Still Launches New Services

Traveloka did launch a variety of new services during the Corona pandemic. In addition to rapid tests, the company launched exclusive content from creative industry players such as interactive cooking services, arts, healthy lifestyles to business skills.

Gradually, transactions on the Traveloka platform also increased. “We are starting to see a gradual increase in transactions,” Putri said. However, the transaction volume has not returned to the condition before the corona pandemic. Because the government still limits some transportation services such as planes and trains.

Receiving Funding, Traveloka Provides Drive-Thru Rapid Test

The company also sees the domestic travel sector and short-distance entertainment activities in Indonesia and Vietnam begin to stretch. The Traveloka business in Vietnam has even begun to stabilize and approach the period before the pandemic.

Whereas in Thailand, almost exceeded 50% compared to normal situations. “Although Indonesia and Malaysia are still in the early stages of recovery, both markets continue to show promising momentum with progress week after week,” Traveloka Co-founder and CEO Ferry Unardi was quoted as saying in a press release yesterday.

The government plans to provide several stimuli to encourage tourism in the country. The online travel service provider startup (OTA) Traveloka and Tiket.com also responded positively to the plan.

Products and Services Tailored to Government Policy

He said, the company always monitors the development of the corona pandemic. Traveloka also adapts products and services to the needs of consumers.

The innovations included launching the Covid-19 test product, the Wander Week: Fly Worry-Free program to manage flight schedules, Traveloka LIVE Style Flash Sale, and Buy Now Stay Later for hotel and entertainment voucher products.

Receiving Funding, Traveloka Provides Drive-Thru Rapid Test

Traveloka also offers discounts of up to 70% for lodging services. Then, launch the Online Xperience product category as part of Traveloka Xperience. Then provide take-away or take-away services on the Traveloka Treats channel. Also presenting the Traveloka Clean Campaign.

The company is optimistic that the tourism industry can quickly recover with innovation and collaboration. “We are consistent in continuing to urge partners to implement hygiene, health, and safety protocols recommended by the government,” he said.

While the plan to provide a stimulus for the tourism sector was revealed by a spokesman for the Co-19 Impact Management Task Force Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Ari Julianno. He said the incentive was aimed at attracting domestic tourists.

In addition, the stimulus will be given in the form of labor-intensive programs in the tourism sector. It aims to encourage the regional economy, especially those that have been dependent on the tourism sector. Even so, the health protocol must be implemented seriously before the tourist site is fully opened.