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10 Interesting Facts about Denver Startup Week in the United States

10 Interesting Facts about Denver Startup Week in the United States

The Denver Startup Week is a prestigious annual event in the United States. As one of the countries that produces the most unicorns in the world, it’s no wonder that the United States has many of the best and grandest startup events. This event is an annual celebration for entrepreneurs throughout Denver.

Various series of events will be held at Den Startup Week to showcase the community of entrepreneurs in Denver in the fields of technology, business, manufacturing, and design. This event has become a special annual agenda for startup founders in the United States.

10 Interesting Facts about Denver Startup Week in the United States

However, this year the Startup Week event in Denver will be held differently from previous years. Since it was founded in 2012, for the first time this week startup will be held online because of the corona pandemic that hit globally.

Even so, the co-founder of this event, Tami Door is optimistic that the event will be more magnificent than before. As interesting info for you, it never hurts to find out interesting facts in this one-week startup event.

Things You Need to Know about Denver Startup Week 

1. The event is held free of charge

This event is a large event that is held free for participants. If you are a startup entrepreneur or investor in Denver who might be interested in joining this event, you can register for free through a site that has been provided by the event organizer.

You will not be charged a registration fee at all to be able to join this annual celebration. With minimal capital, you can follow a series of events that will certainly give you a lot of new insights.

2. Held online for the first time

It is undeniable that a corona pandemic destroys almost all sectors of human life. Pandemic also forces people not to gather to reduce its spread, no exception in the US.

Therefore, the organizers adopted a policy to support the call from the WHO and the CDC to not gather in a large crowd. That is the reason why startup week in Denver is held online through various teleconference providers for the first time since the event was launched.

3. Normally, this event has more than 350 series of programs

Imagine how many programs you can follow if you come to this event? At the startup week of previous years, the organizers held more than 350 series of events that could be attended by all participants. They also claimed that the event had previously been attended by more than 20,000 people from all over the land of Uncle Sam.

That is also the reason why Door believes this year, the startup week will bring more participants from all over the United States because participants no longer “must attend” in Denver to be able to take part in the grand performance.

4. The Community Kick-off was held in April 2020

A community kick-off event has been held by the organizer via the Zoom application. The webinar discussed a lot of things, including DSW’s vision and mission and tips on how to make your startup stand out the most during the Call for Session Submission process.

Participants in the webinar can also contribute their ideas and ideas to the more successful DSW. The organizers hope that participants can work together to realize the event because, in this pandemic, everyone needs more cohesiveness than ever.

The organizer also mentioned that the community had a very large share in realizing this event. Every year, DSW events are held with a series of event ideas contributed by the community.

5. Will be held in September

The DSW page has stated the time this event will take place; September 14 to September 18, 2020. This event will run for 5 days with a compacted series of events because it will be held online. Although held limited in time and place, organizers are optimistic that DSW will run smoothly with the high enthusiasm of participants.

6. Organized by a volunteer coalition and – dogs

DSW is an event organized by volunteers consisting of several people with different backgrounds. They include entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and community organizers. The Downtown Denver Partnership also provided its structural support for this event.

The team is uniquely made up of 18 people who are proficient in their fields including Tami Door, Erik Mitisek, and Ben Deda as organizing chairs, several support teams including two dogs named Pearl and Denali.

7. The organizer is also thinking about other options

Organizing events like in previous years would also be an option on the organizer’s list. However, this can only be done if conditions permit. The option to hold a DSW event directly in Downtown Denver is also possible – if the conditions went to normal. But they did not know how long to wait.

8. All participants have the same opportunity to be a speaker

In the series of events held, there is one called Call for Submission Session. At this event, if you are interested in presenting your ideas, then it can be your golden chance. The organizer will review all incoming abstracts, and the selected ones will be able to be a speaker in this virtual event.

If you are a startup founder or entrepreneur it doesn’t hurt to submit your abstract. They provide a deadline until June 26, 2020.

9. You can become a DSW website contributor

DSW provides an opportunity for participants to contribute to their website by writing articles. The article can be about anything related to the world of business, technology, entrepreneurs. You can share extraordinary ideas that you have or just share inspiring stories.

By contributing, you will contribute more insights and benefits, especially in a pandemic like this, where DSW is held online.

10. Participants can promote their events

If you have an event that you want to promote on DSW, the organizer supports you to do it. On the official website of DSW, there are ways for you to promote your event at the event. This startup week in Denver is indeed a highly qualified and educational event. However, it should be noted that as an “educational” event, the DSW tends to only promote free events.

Joining the biggest annual startup event in America might be the dream of many young entrepreneurs, especially those who are involved in the startup world. Denver Startup Week 2020 becomes one of the mandatory agenda this year, especially because it is held online so that it can be followed more easily.

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