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Profitable, Goers Immediately Raise Series B Funding

Profitable, Goers Immediately Raise Series B Funding

As a startup assisted by Indigo Creative Nation (ICN), Goers was originally present as a directory provider for finding tickets for events and attractions. Then they evolved to assist organizers in promoting their events utilizing their technological innovations.

Profitable, Goers Immediately Raise Series B Funding

Currently, when conditions have started to recover during the pandemic, there is a lot of interest from local tourists, venue owners, and tourist attractions that are operating again.

This is used by Goers to add information from the search for venues and attractions to their users. Currently, Goers has around 1.5 million users.

Asked what Goers’ strategy is to compete with technology companies such as Traveloka and Tiket through their experience and attraction channels, Founder & CEO Goers Sammy Ramadhan emphasized that basically with integrated services they offer as well as more relevant technology, competition is not an obstacle.

Most of these channels only focus on sellers, not really helping the owners of tourist attractions, attractions and venues to digitize.

“We also give them the freedom to use this channel to increase their sales. However, for integrated technology and services, only Goers can provide everything,” said Sammy.

Profitable, Goers Immediately Raise Series B Funding

Focus on Developing Business

Regarding funding, Goers said that up to now, they have not been too aggressive in providing information about their fundraising activities. They did this on purpose so they could focus on growing their business.

The pre-series A funding they received was recorded in 2016 from the Mahaka Media group. Previously, in October 2015, Goers received initial funding from a number of investors.

Over the last two years they claim to have received new funding from 2 investors. Among them are investors from Malaysia and Indonesia. Current Goers investors include Prasetia Dwidharma, MDI Ventures, and Mahanusa Capital.

The plan is that in the third quarter of this year, Goers will conduct a series B fundraising. Claiming that the company was already profitable last year, the fresh funds will be used by the company to develop Goers Experience Manager (GEM).

In addition, to start exploring the development of technologies that are currently popular such as NFT, Blockchain and others.

“Now it becomes interesting again for us when NFT and blockchain have started to be discussed by all startup activists and technology companies. Goers also has plans to explore these opportunities into Goers technology,” said Sammy.

Profitable, Goers Immediately Raise Series B Funding

GEM for B2B

After being launched in 2019, Goers Experience Manager, which is a technological innovation from Goers, experienced positive growth.

Not only providing end-to-end technology and services, but this technology also helps various types of destinations, such as waterparks, amusement parks, galleries, museums, natural & man-made attractions, to increase revenue and operate to help the government accelerate the recovery of the national tourism sector.

The Central Statistics Agency noted that Indonesia had nearly 3,000 recreational-tourist destinations in 2019. Unfortunately, not all of them have been digitized.

The manual management system has limited payment options and is very vulnerable to data and financial leaks due to human error, visit leaks due to ticket counterfeiting, and limitations in monitoring the number of visitors.

Automated and independent digital management, such as GEM Solution, enables tourism-recreation destination operators to have automated, efficient and accurate online and onsite sales systems, visit handling and promotions.

“If it is digitized, destinations will be easier to find and have an impact on increasing tourist visits in Indonesia. This is in line with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism’s plan to increase the number of tourist visits and accelerate the recovery of the national tourism sector,” said COO Goers Niki Tsuraya Yaumi.

Currently, Goers has collaborated with more than 50 recreational-tourist destinations, including Ancol Dreamland, Go! Wet Grand Wisata Bekasi, Faunaland Ancol, Fantasy World Ancol, and Rumah Atsiri Indonesia.