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Playing the Best AAA Games with ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO

Playing the Best AAA Games with ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO

ROG always proud to be the brand that emphasizes the gaming performance laptop or motherboard, and in this occasion, we shall conduct a review to the ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO. Unlike her laptop counterpart, the maximus is actually a motherboard.

And hence it is highly customizable and very easy to be installed and uninstalled. You can start accessing so many features such as additional RAM, graphic card, and even new sets of fan if the motherboard itself is applicable to those features. One of the most compelling features of the motherboard is, it is never be fixated on any kind of device, and hence you can start adding so many new RAM or drives for instance, to this board.

The default state of the board is around ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO is 8 slot of DDR 4 RAM, two slot of drives, several ports and so on. Those are the default state and you can add additional ram and graphic card as you see fit to the board.

The design of the motherboard of the brand is also very exceptional. The bulky design, emblazed with the neon lightning and also the dazzling color will make it look very good and attractive. The glow in the dark feature will also make your ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO even more stunning, and thus you can game with style.

You can start assembling the board with ease since it is come preloaded with the spec you are going to need. But if you want additional parts, then you can find them with ease inside the platform or the ASUS store throughout the country.

Default State of Maximus

Every board must come preloaded with the spec they are included, and so do the maximus, and you don’t have to worry since the inherent spec is as the standard of ROG which are pretty high.

The RAM that is provided is around 32GB DDR 4, which is the latest and the fastest RAM in the world currently. By having that amount of RAM, then you can have the best game to be played in ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO at your disposal, and you can also perform a heavy duty editing work at such motherboard.

Then the graphic cards come next, and as you expected, the power of the graphic card that you are going to have is also very high. The maximus armed with the RTX Geforce 2060, which is the highest GPU you can find currently.

With it, you not only can play the AAA games with stunning beauty, but you can also use the board to do so much more such as editing and so on. No longer you need to worry about the performance issue on ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO since it will cover all the necessities you need to have in order to play the game smoothly.

Lastly, the maximus is also loaded with the latest 9th generation core of I7, and hence, the brainpower of the board is exceptional. With it, you will be able to play the game without bottlenecking effect, and to make things better, it could be boosted via overclock.

But be advised when overclocking the device as it will decrease the lifespan of the core and making it more vulnerable to additional heat generation. But you actually not have to worry about the heat since it will be handled with a very sophisticated cooling mechanism.

The Cooling Mechanism Of Maximus

This is where the most sophisticated, anti-heat weapon comes into effect, and all of the brand, not only the ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO enjoys this. But more so, since the motherboard has many more room compared to the laptop, and thus allowing even more sophisticated cooling mechanism to come into play.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind though, this is not an all-powerful and one button fix all approach, as the device will still generate heat regardless of how good the cooling mechanism is, and hence you need to keep in mind about the usage.

Unlike any traditional fan which relied to generate the cool breeze to stabilize the temperature, the ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO uses the cool liquid gel that will be flown directly atop the core, and hence cooling it altogether.

This will make the cooling mechanism more efficient since it will not waste energy and can reduce the heat even faster. With the heat issue gone, you can start playing any game you want regardless on how long it is, and you can play them without any kind of performance issue conjured due to the heat.

Connectivity And Other Ports

Actually there is nothing so remarkable about the ports, as they are bundled with only the simple one such as the Ethernet, HDMI, sound, USB and power ports. One feature that is quite impressive is, you can use the Ethernet port to make a very stable and reliable connection since it will generate a very decent internet connection.

The intel gigabit connection will allow you to connect your beloved game so that you can play with ease, and hence enhancing your gaming experience altogether. The LAN guard acts like a LAN wireless so that you can play LAN with your mates in ROG Maximus XI Hero.

As for the audio ports, the board boasts the third sonic master generation, and will provide a very clear and undistorted sound to mesmerize you even more. You can even add more satisfaction by plugging the earphone to the jack, and thus your gaming experience will be even more immersive. Lastly, the USB ports is 3.0 and meaning that you can enjoy the fastest data transfer connection inside the board.


Motherboard is actually more about preference. If you are willing to trade the portability to the power punch then you can purchase the motherboard. The ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO becomes a good entry point to the ROG series since it is not too expensive and also all-rounder type.