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Gorgeous Startup Office Design Ideas You Need to See

Gorgeous Startup Office Design Ideas You Need to See

By taking thoughtful startup office design ideas, your venture will be closer to success. It’s no secret that study after study recently has shown how employee’s productivity, health, and satisfaction are influenced by their work environment. That’s why designing a great workplace for employees is highly essential.

The popular design of Googleplex and the other Google offices around the world have inspired a ton of startup companies to design their workspace with creativity. Nowadays, there are more and more startups which offer amazing working space, making it intriguing for looking forward to work.

If you need some ideas to get started, you’ve come to the right site. Just read on to get some inspirations for the most gorgeous startup office design ideas. With big open spaces and an abundance of natural lighting, you will be amazed at how these spaces reflect the company’s culture.

Office Design Rules for Successful Startups

Before checking out some of the best office design ideas, let’s learn a few important rules to create a successful startup. You could start from the beginning: the human element. You should realize that your startup isn’t made up of computers, desks, and meeting rooms. Yet, it is made up of people.

If you want to work with hardworking, passionate, talented people in your company, you need to listen to them regarding what they need. Thus, the point of any startup office design ideas is to make it meet the needs of your employee. And here are a few other rules to be considered.

  • Avoid following trends

There is nothing wrong to be inspired by the newest and best trends in office design. But, you should remember that not every trend will work in your office. You don’t need to have an open-office pitfall if it doesn’t suit your employees. Instead, find something that works for your people.

  • Never generalize your employees

You may say that your office design is inspired by Millennials. But, you should remember that Millennials are not homogenized in their job titles, work styles, or age. That’s why you shouldn’t generalize when selecting startup office design ideas. You can consider designing by teams and how the employees work.

  • Be adaptable

If you have an unlimited budget to design your office, there will be more interesting choices on how to use space. Freestanding bookshelves, customizable partitions, a wall of plants, and modular workstations which move around can help your workplace remain adaptable and usable in any situation.

Office Design Ideas, Etsy

When we are talking about the best workspace design, we shouldn’t forget Etsy’s offices. Etsy is an online marketplace which becomes the paradise for crafty people. This company has an impressive office space in Brooklyn, New York. As you’d expect, the workplace has an artsy and quirky feel.

Once entering the office, you will feel like walking through a jungle vessel due to the walls lined with plants. As one of the best startup office design ideas, Etsy has a very unique reception desk which is made of recycled materials like abandoned beads and others.

You can find loads of fun and artsy touches around the office. The company often gets its decorations from local artists or sellers on its site. You can also discover a large, open office space where the employees work. Here, the walls are decorated with artwork.

This office also offers a comfy spot for staffs to work or relax. There is also a spot for them to eat or have meetings. What makes it interesting is the wall painting which is filled with the staff ideas for Etsy products like mason jar pin-cushion and emoticon mittens.

Office Design Ideas, Etsy

Another great example of startup office design ideas is Spotify workspace. This music streaming company has a gorgeous office in New York. It was created by their team and includes the biggest installation of height-adjustable desks in the city. In addition to New York, there are some other offices around the world.

This office is home to more than 300 employees. One half of the floor is used for tech, engineering, and product folks while the rest holds licensing, advertising, and marketing staffs. Here, you will discover that individual offices aren’t available. It uses an open environment with string walls.

One of the interesting features in Spotify headquarters is a tech vending machine. When employees need to get some headphones, they can go there. These startup office design ideas will be useful, especially when other employees are having jam sessions or when the house band plays music aloud in the auditorium.

A startup office always features game rooms, and Spotify is no exception. Here, employees can play their favorite video games in their spare time. There is also ping pong and pool table, so they can have fun playing one round or two with other employees.

Office Design Ideas, Dropbox

Last but not least, there is also Dropbox. This cloud storage company also has a fascinating office design that can inspire anyone who saw it. It is home to around 700 employees and all gathering in an open floor plan with gigantic windows showing the San Francisco Bay.

It makes a great example of startup office design ideas due to creativity. You can see a lot of decorative elements involved in the design. For instance, there is a variety of Dropbox’s T-shirts which are lined up and displayed in chronological order. You can discover many doodles drawn on whiteboards and chalkboards too!

Some other useful facilities like gym space, cafeteria, Tuckshop, and many more are also available. Employees can even find a snack and drink corner if they’re not too hungry. There is even a band room named The Mint. Some employees even decided to create a Motown band.

In conclusion, there are some popular startups out there that can be a great example to design your office. Just make sure to design the office by considering your employee’s needs. That way, they can be more productive and do their best for the company. That’s all about startup office design ideas.