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Pintaria Rebrands to Pintar, Focuses on Empowering the Workforce through Technology

Pintaria Rebrands to Pintar, Focuses on Empowering the Workforce through Technology

The changing world of work along with technological developments causes a gap in demand and supply in the labor market. Pintar (formerly Pintaria, part of HarukaEDU) is here to close the gap by developing a self-development platform.

Pintaria Rebrands to Pintar, Focuses on Empowering the Workforce through Technology

This is also the embodiment of the company’s vision to empower the Indonesian workforce through access to learning regardless of age.

Pintar has 3 main learning products, namely Lectures, Courses, and Corporations. In this Lecture product, they work closely with local university partners to provide a Learning Management System (LMS) and help carry out digitalization in the learning process.

In addition, some Courses offer classes for self-development and careers. Then in Corporate products, Pintar partners with corporations who want to invest in workers to help provide flexible learning as needed for upskilling and reskilling workers.

Pintaria Rebrands to Pintar, Focuses on Empowering the Workforce through Technology

Rebranding to Affirm the Company’s Mission

Pintar CEO Ray Pulungan stated that the rebranding decision from the name “Pintaria” to “Pintar” underscores the company’s mission to open access to quality education in the digital era as part of an inclusive, highly competitive, and sustainable economic development process.

The education offered by Pintar is not only in the form of formal education but education that is dynamic and sensitive to changing times.

“Education is something that knows no space and time. This is what we strive for. Pintar is here to provide equal opportunities for every learner of productive age. We want to empower the workforce through access to education regardless of age,” explained Head of Pintar Learning Grace Gunawan.

In the Pintar soft-launching event which was followed by a discussion entitled “Empowering Indonesia’s Workforce through Upskilling”, one of the issues that was also raised was the phenomenon of horizontal mismatch or output misalignment in the world of work. It is suspected that many workers work in fields that are not following their background.

According to LIPI’s research, 4.6% of Indonesian workers are undereducated, 27.9% of workers are overeducated, and 68.4% experience a field of study mismatch.

“These mismatches have consequences in the form of skills gaps, low job satisfaction, high unemployment rates, and even salary/wages gaps,” said Shinta Kamdani as Chair of B20 Indonesia 2022 as well as Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and CEO of the Sintesa Group.

Pintar tries to answer and address the gap between the supply and demand for labor in Indonesia. In addition, it also bridges the skill gap in the world of work through collaboration with various institutions.

“We believe that education is not just an individual issue. This requires synergy from many parties to be able to improve human resources,” said Grace.

Shankar Prasad, the Incoming Dean for the School of Professional Studies, who was also present at this session, revealed the importance of collaborating with edutech for traditional educational institutions such as universities in order to create content that is more relevant to the needs of the world of work.

In addition, technology platforms are also considered capable of reaching more learners than traditional educational institutions. Now is a very good time to invest in employee skills. Globally, technology is quite advanced, anything can be learned because learning platforms can be accessed easily.

“The existence of these platforms allows workers to continue to develop themselves without being hampered by formal education,” added Samator Group Vice President Imelda Harsono who was also present to fill the discussion session.

Pintaria Rebrands to Pintar, Focuses on Empowering the Workforce through Technology

Pintar Business Travel

Founded in 2014, HarukaEDU — which was later rebranded as Pintaria — is now officially using the Pintar identity, starting a business as a university partner who wants to launch online learning.

Some of them are Indonesian Christian University and Al Azhar University Indonesia, to digitize their content and manage the technology side of the learning process.

HarukaEDU helps universities increase student enrollment and enhance the student learning experience. The company launched the Pintaria platform in 2018, offering technical and soft skills training for those preparing to enter the workforce.

In the following year, we launched CorporateEDU again to support companies, organizations, and government agencies in providing flexible, effective, and scalable corporate training for employees.