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Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 Has Selected 30 Startups

Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 Has Selected 30 Startups

Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 has entered a new chapter. Now 30 participants are selected who have the right to move to the next stage. They will receive assistance and materials from experts during this event.

According to the Acting. Pertamina Vice President for Corporate Communication Heppy Wulansari, enthusiasm and enthusiasm for startup registrants devoted to millennials is quite high. Of the 279 registrants who progressed to the next stage, only 9.3 percent, namely 30 startups.

“The number of registrants has exceeded the target. We are targeting around 120 registrants, but the realization is more than 200 percent. This indicates that the condition of development and the startup ecosystem in Indonesia is still quite healthy, ”explained Heppy in a written statement, Friday (27/11/2020).

Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 Has Selected 30 Startups

He said, all startups that had registered presented potential new things. However, Pertamina has special criteria in determining which participants will pass. For example, the startup has been running for at least 6 months and is an Indonesian citizen. In addition, there is also a final review with attention to business attractiveness, the expertise of startup owners, originality and innovation, and market coverage.

“We need to see this in order to know the level of market competition from these startups. They must be able to become a different and quality startup company so that it is easy for people to glance at and continue to survive to become a superior and independent business. Following the objectives of the Pertamina Partnership Program, “he added.

30 Startups will Receive a Number of Programs and Materials

After being declared qualified, the 30 startups will receive a number of programs and materials. Starting on November 27, 2020, participants will receive training in the form of an Expert Class. Furthermore, on November 28, 2020, there was a mentoring program from Pertamina.

And the highlight of the event on November 29, 2020, is determining the best startup and demo day. At the Expert Class event, Pertamina presented speakers from millennial circles. They will deliver material according to their respective expertise.

Among them, Investment Analyst at Gobi Partners, Vincent Yunnaraga, delivered material about business; Harumi Sekar Melati, Legal Associate of Contract Law regarding administration; Reza Rizky Darmawan, Head of Product Payfazz regarding products; Jonathan Bryan, CMO Koinworks on accelerating business development; and Shefali Dodani, Investment Associate of Skystar Capital, will deliver material on fundraising.

Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 Has Selected 30 Startups

Meanwhile, 30 startups that have successfully passed Pertamina Youthpreneur activities are: ahlibisnis.id, Bakoel Sehat, CALLISTA, Pickpack, UICreativenet, Calty Farm, Localin, FishGator, Abijek, Jahitin.com, Atourin (PT. Atourin Teknologi Nusantara), Surplus Indonesia, Birru.id, Pictafish, Cooklab Indonesia, Mounev Indonesia, Hadid Fathul Alam, Machine Vision Indonesia, Bala Indonesia, Smart People, Friends of Hosting, FRESIO, GOIOT.ID, TAMWYL, Bubos, Localio.id, Miumosa Arthakarya Mandiri, Velo , PROSPERO, and Team Scrap Hero (SCRAPIRO).

Pertamina will also collaborate with several experts from big startups as judges and mentors to accompany the 30 participants; Bizhare, Job2GO.net, Storial.co, Payfazz, KoinWorks, Halodoc, Northstar Group, Riliv, KUMPUL, Tiket.com, Bareksa, Finansialku, Grab, Yayasan Generasi Maju Berkarya, Microsoft, Access Ventures, and Skystar Capital.

Helping Small Businesses Become More Resilient and Independent

In line with the theme of Pertamina’s 63rd Anniversary “Energizing You”, the theme of the Pertamina Youthprenenur event this time is “Energizing Future Talent”. Which is expected to help small businesses become resilient and independent.

Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 Has Selected 30 Startups

This is a form of implementation of the Goal 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and a full and productive workforce. “It is hoped that it can help people get decent jobs and encourage national economic growth,” concluded Heppy.

PT Pertamina (Persero) through the Partnership Program is increasingly expanding the UMKM segment of its fostered partners. Not only those who have been in the business world for a long time. However, for startups and MSMEs belonging to millennials, many have become Pertamina’s fostered partners and have graduated.