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Pertamina Selects Entrepreneurial Startups and MSMEs from Millennials

Pertamina Selects Entrepreneurial Startups and MSMEs from Millennials

PT Pertamina (Persero) through a partnership program launched the Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 program. This program is aimed at capturing the potential of entrepreneurs and MSMEs among the millennial generation, with a maximum age of 40 years so that they can continue to grow and be independent.

Pertamina Corporate Communication Vice President Fajriyah Usman said this program is a Pertamina pilot project by collaborating with digital startups. Participants will be provided with supplies and assistance to develop their business.

Pertamina Selects Entrepreneurial Startups and MSMEs from Millennials

“So that it can support the development of the startup ecosystem in Indonesia even more rapidly,” he said, in his official statement, Monday, November 9, 2020. Fajriyah added that to be able to participate in Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020, there needs to be several criteria that must be met by prospective participants.

Among them, the startup has been running for at least six months and the startup owner is an Indonesian citizen (WNI). After that, participants who meet the criteria will be selected to become 30 startups that are eligible to join Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020.

In the socialization of the Partnership Program, it was started with the holding of the Next Generation program. This event is part of the Pertamina Youthpreneur series, which takes place at a number of campuses in Indonesia during October every weekend.

“In this program, participants are given 54 hours to make a startup and develop their business ideas,” added Fajriyah. The last roadmap is the Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 program.

The Event Will Start on November 27th

This event is the final stage of the previous series of programs. This stage is an acceleration of startups to validate the startup business model by providing direct intensive support and access to business capital loans from the Pertamina Partnership Program of up to IDR 200 million.

The core event for the implementation of the Pertamina Youthpreneur 2020 program lasts for three days. On November 27, 2020, an Expert Class will be held, provision for startups to scale up through learning materials on Business, Administration, Product, Fundraising, and Growth Hacking with experts.

Pertamina Selects Entrepreneurial Startups and MSMEs from Millennials

Then on November 28, 2020, mentoring was carried out with mentors from Pertamina and others to increase startup potential. Finally, on November 29, 2020, a Demo Day was held for pitching in front of judges from Pertamina and other experts to win funding.

At the Pertamina Youthpreneur event later, these startup business actors will again receive coaching from mentors who are competent in their fields. They will be prepared to become Pertamina’s fostered partners with Go Modern, Go Digital, Go Online, and Go Global based coaching. So that it is expected to be able to become excellent and independent entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Fajriyah said, this effort is one form of implementation of the Goal 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and a full and productive workforce. “Where it is expected to help people get decent jobs and encourage national economic growth,” he said.

Registration will be Closed Soon

Fajriyah said that all industrial sectors can participate in the event. Registration has been opened and closed on 18 November 2020. For participants who are interested in registering for a startup, they can open the https://bit.ly/pertamina-youthpreneur-2020 page to register.

“Let’s contribute to realizing the nation’s economic independence by developing an independent and superior startup ecosystem,” he said. PT Pertamina (Persero) collaborated with KUMPUL to hold Graduation Day – Startup Weekend Indonesia Online NextGen on Wednesday (28/10).

Pertamina Selects Entrepreneurial Startups and MSMEs from Millennials

The event which coincided with Youth Pledge Day was held to recruit startups from millennial circles who would then be fostered through the Pertamina Youthpreneur program. Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Anwar Makarim also attended virtually at the closing of the SWI-NextGen event which was held during October at the weekend.

In his remarks, Nadiem emphasized a lot that this event could be used as a learning medium before directly entering the business world. “Hopefully this will be a provision to contribute to the nation’s economy later,” he said.