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Pertamina Holds a Competition for Students to Find New Startups

Pertamina Holds a Competition for Students to Find New Startups

PT Pertamina (Persero) held a Business Idea Competition event to attract young startups ‘Pertamuda or Pertamina Muda-Seed & Scale’. As many as 1,400 students from various universities (PT) from Aceh to Papua registered as participants.

“This shows the high interest of students to build business startups, and we believe it will continue to grow because registration is still open until July 23, 2021,” said Fajriyah Usman, Acting Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Investor Relations of PT Pertamina (Persero), Sunday (18/7/2021).

Pertamina Holds a Competition for Students to Find New Startups

Fajriyah said the inaugural Pertamuda Seed and Scale 2021 activity entitled ‘Spreading Energy to Build the Nation’ is one of Pertamina’s commitments to support the development of startups in Indonesia.

“Pertamina’s synergy with universities has been carried out continuously, both through contributions to the implementation of educational programs,” he said.

Free Workshop for Students

According to him, in 2021 Pertamina will be back in the midst of the academic community of higher education institutions in Indonesia with a different color. Not only increasing students’ understanding of the industry in the energy sector, or motivating the younger generation.

The series of activities began on June 17 and was opened by the President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati. Followed by 4 series of free workshops that are open to students and business startups in Indonesia.

Pertamina Holds a Competition for Students to Find New Startups

All incoming participant data will go through an administrative filtering process and continue with the curation process after the registration closes on July 23, 2021.

50 participants who passed the curation will be announced on August 2, 2021 to prepare for the Demoday in Bali in August 2021.

The Pertamuda 2021 Demoday contains a mentoring/pitching session and judging agenda to select the top 25 participants, and then determine the 3 winners of Pertamuda 2021 who will receive an initial capital fund of IDR 100 million per person.

Meanwhile, 50 participants will be monitored for 10 months to monitor the development of their business ideas. Especially for the 3 winners who will also be visited at the end of the monitoring.

There is also Sinar Mas Land Digital Hub that Holds the StartHub

Sinar Mas Land conveys its commitment to growing an ecosystem of technology-based start-ups (startups). This is intended to contribute to fertilizing the potential of startups that continue to grow in Indonesia.

Based on data released by the startupranking.com site in 2021, Indonesia is ranked fifth in the world with 2,251 startups after the US, India, UK, and Canada.

Sinar Mas Land’s Chief of Digital Tech Ecosystem & Development, Irawan Harahap said, there are still many creativepreneurs in the country who need support and guidance in order to start building a business or startup company.

Pertamina Holds a Competition for Students to Find New Startups

Sinar Mas Land continues to support digital innovation, particularly through the development of the Digital Hub, an area in BSD City dedicated to communities, education centers, startups and multinational companies that focus on digital technology.

Currently, the physical development of infrastructure and facilities has been enjoyed by big names in technology such as NTT, Traveloka, and Apple Developer Academy.

This is balanced with various activities for communities and startups that Sinar Mas Land continues to carry out through the Digital Hub Next Action (DNA) movement.

In its implementation, Sinar Mas Land collaborates with leading partners in the field of digital technology pioneers. One of them is Friends Startup, who is familiarly known for its social media publications related to digital startups.

Together with Friends Startup, Sinar Mas Land will hold a ‘StartHub’ activity to encourage the younger generation to build technology-based start-ups in the industrial era 4.0.

The activity with the webinar format has the theme “Fundamentals in Building a Business in the Era of a Pandemic”. This theme was chosen to provide the understanding and strategies needed by founders in running a startup business.