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7 Cozy Coworking Space in Surabaya could be Your Option

7 Cozy Coworking Space Surabaya could be Your Option

Coworking space in Surabaya is currently becoming number one choice for workers, especially for freelancers or startup employees. It is a place that can be used for work, study, or meetings. The existence of coworking space really helps young entrepreneurs and workers.

The existence of coworking space is very helpful for workers and students. Coworking space provides a comfortable place, adequate office facilities, up to high-speed internet access. Coworking space entrepreneurs seem to compete to make the place as comfortable as possible so that consumers feel at home there.

7 Cozy Coworking Space Surabaya could be Your Option

Coworking Space in Surabaya that Offers Cozy Atmosphere

Many coworking spaces provide comfortable areas, complete with a variety of facilities. If you are in Surabaya, here are some coworking spaces that you can try and of course very cozy:

1. SUB Co

To be able to work and become a creative person, you don’t need to have your own office. A coworking space can be an alternative for those of you who don’t have an office. SUB Co is a modern coworking space with a very comfortable design. For you who live in West Surabaya and are confused about finding a fun place to work, just stop by this SUB Co.

The facilities and services offered by SUB Co are indeed not arbitrary, visitors will get free coffee or tea, internet, lockers, and printers and scanners. Working inside this SUB Co will make you feel comfortable and more productive.

Speaking of price, even though the place looks classy, ​​SUB Co doesn’t put a very high price. There is also a private office here to provide your office address and telephone number for those who want to appear to have their own office. SUB Co’s address is in Darmo Harapan 1, Surabaya and other branches are located at Spazio, 1st Floor, Jalan Mayjend Yono Soewoyo Kav. 3, Surabaya.

2. C2O Library & Collabtive

Like to read at the same time need a quiet place to work? Come on, just come to C2O Library & Collabtive. This is a library combined with coworking space. You can work while satisfying your hobby of reading here.

The place may not be too big, but the collection of books in it is quite diverse. The area here is also comfortable and quiet. In fact, if you take a particular package you can already get internet, paper and beverage facilities. C2O Library & Collabtive is located at Jalan Dr. Cipto No. 22, Dr. Soetomo, Tegalsari, Surabaya.

7 Cozy Coworking Space Surabaya could be Your Option

3. Satu Atap

During the rampant coworking space competition in Surabaya, Satu Atap comes as a coworking space with a different concept. This place offers support and comfort to work, but also provides a food station for consumers who want to take a break from work and fill their stomach.

The cost of personal seats to be able to enjoy the facilities at this coworking space is quite affordable. Even then, you already get free drinks and high-speed internet. If you take a monthly package, Satu Atap provides free meeting rooms and paper for printing.

Satu Atap Coworking Space & Food Station is a comfortable place and can make you feel more relaxed while working. This place also rents out virtual offices and meeting rooms. This is a solution for working in a place that is as comfortable as an office without the need to have a personal office. It is located on Jalan Pacar No. 2, Surabaya.


This one is a coworking space which is free and open 24 hours. KORIDOR is a project of the City Government of Surabaya to create creative and technological centers for all citizens of Surabaya. KORIDOR provides collaborative workspaces, event rooms, meeting rooms, and gathering rooms that can be used without paying any fees.

Besides providing a clean, comfortable, and air-conditioned room, KORIDOR also provides free internet access for its visitors. You want to come in the middle of the night, at dawn, or during the day you can because KORIDOR is open every day for 24 hours.

To be able to use the facilities provided by KORIDOR, visitors must bring a KTP, student card, or other identity cards. KORIDOR’s location is in Siola Building, 3rd Floor, Jalan Tunjungan, Genteng, Surabaya.

5. Regus

Located in the center of Surabaya, Regus is a shared workspace that also provides a virtual office. Freelance workers can work comfortably like in a modern office building while in Regus.

Just like several coworking spaces in Surabaya, Regus brings internet access and various premium quality office facilities. You will not be disappointed to have rented a place at Regus to work whenever you want. Regus is located in Sinar Mas Land Plaza Floor. 12A, Jln. Pemudah No. 60-79, Surabaya.

7 Cozy Coworking Space Surabaya could be Your Option


The need for coworking space in Surabaya is indeed quite high. The enthusiasm of the workers, especially freelancers, to be able to work in a comfortable place and provide complete facilities makes many employers set up workspaces together. One of the fairly new coworking spaces in Surabaya is GERDHU (Digital Hub Creative Building).

This place offers coworking space for individuals and teams. The room is comfortable and is equipped with internet access. GERDHU is also used as a place for training or workshops and also meetings. GERDHU is located at Wisma Mukti Housing, Klampis Anom VIII / F-150, Surabaya.

7. NIN3 Space

This last co-working space is often the talk of professionals because of its very contemporary design and very cozy atmosphere. NIN3 Space has an area that is not too large, so if you hold a meeting with clients who are less than five people, NIN3 Space is the right place for you.

NIN3 Space has a very full-color decoration and is added with synthetic grass carpet accents that will add to the atmosphere. The coworking space that is on Jalan Ketintang Madya No. 93 has been equipped with several facilities such as balconies and a very comfortable room for meetings.

Coworking space is a choice for many workers in the era of digital economy 4.0. In addition to super-fast internet facilities, the availability of many rooms to hold many activities and events is also a consideration. Other than that, the cozy atmosphere in coworking space in Surabaya makes its user feel comfortable when working.

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